Working remotely vs Working in office

I was lucky to attend Andela bootcamp both remotely and physicaly, in this blog I will try to share both my experiences and let you be the judge of what is advantageous:

Working in office can be quite a pain when you come from far and you have to deal with the Nairobi traffic each day. Sometimes you feel like you just want to pull up your computer and work in a Matatu but that again may not help. Though mostly this time is useful to map your mind and think about what and how you will be working.

Meeting people was the best experience of the Andela bootcamp, despite the fact that we have all the tools for communication, task management and so on. I believe there’s always that portion lost on effective collaboration. No one can be sure, his point is well raised on slack as it can be raised being there physically.

Working remotely has it’s downs, but you get things done quickly as it is just you and your computer. It is less time consuming and you get coffee whenever you want and however you want :).

Collaboration tools are evolving more than ever, I don’t want to bore you with my workflow but tools like slack, github and PivotalTracker are the best you can ask for and they beat most offices if you ask me.

I don’t want to conclude this one, I leave it to you. One thing for sure is that what matters is how the work is done not where it is done, well maybe not in all cases but that statement remains true so get things done.