Les projets de l’équipe numérique du Temps ces 12 derniers mois

Note (importante): ce document de synthèse a été rédigé dans le cadre d’un concours. Du coup, il ne parle pas de tous les trucs et les projets qui ont raté lamentablement.

— — — — — — — — — —

Le Temps has a 13 member digital team dedicated to the 80 journalists of the newsroom. Here is what we achieved between May 2015 and June 2016.

1. New website

We redesigned and launched a new, full responsive website in October 2015, powered by Drupal8, at first in a public beta version. Rather than working on a «smarter», «more modern» or «trendy» site, we set efficiency-based goals: the ergonomy of the new site was to help grabbing a quality audience, by increasing the average page visit time and bringing our users to read more pages.

Link1 — Website: http://www.letemps.ch/

2. Visual journalism

We tremendously developed our interactive projects. We implemented a toolbox designed to make our projects easier and faster to produce (see below). We published many long form stories. Our long form on Tchernobyl was our most read story in 2016. We also publish many interactive maps and timelines.

Lire la suite ici (lien vers un Google Doc)