What is the simplest solution for reliable and secure corporate communication?

It doesn’t matter if the business is large or small, local or global, effective communication is essential for the business to succeed. The importance of efficient and effective communication is evident by the number of communication models that exist today. To outperform the competition, organizations need to find ways to reduce communication problems to impact the bottom line positively.

The goal of making communication more efficient often leads business to incorporate the latest available messaging solutions for internal and customer communication. Instant Messaging solutions such as Google Messenger, Skype, and Facebook messaging. Upon initial implementation, these solutions appear to be the magic bullet that fixes all their communication woes; however, these solutions have a lot of flaws and are subject to potential problems that go unrecognized until a tragedy occurs.

When businesses utilize public messaging systems for vital business communication, they open their company up to for attacks from hackers and viruses. The security of their most critical information can easily be broadcast to the world without the knowledge of the leadership team. Furthermore, the communication within the company and with customers is exchanged on an external server. It is impossible to do a forensic analysis of what has happened because the company does not control the backup, storage, and retention of information exchanged between individuals. The reliability of your communication is 100% dependent on a service provider who isn’t concerned about the needs of your business. If their servers are attacked, or they decide that their service needs to be taken offline, there is nothing you can do about it.

The biggest challenge that companies find themselves dealing with is employees socializing with people outside the corporation during business hours. These communications are difficult to monitor and can easily lead to a data breach. Making the matter worse, getting questions or technical problems handled by the provider may take days or weeks. Additionally, inconveniences for your organization could include opening corporate firewall ports, questionable encryption, lack of SSL, and prying eyes looking at your communication process.

Most corporations looking for efficient communication solutions that meet their business needs are impressed by the Softros LAN Messenger suite. The software was specifically designed to meet the needs of small and large companies, allowing them to enable the features that align with their communications model and other important business processes. The Softros Lan Messenger is easy-to-implement, stable, and the very intuitive interface is easy to users to understand and use.

Users can easily exchange documents with colleagues without having to leave the conversation. Behind the scenes, Advanced security features ensure that file transfers are handled in a secure and manageable way making the system administrators job easier. Out-of-the-box, Softros LAN messenger encrypts all incoming and outgoing data and archives it at the same time, so you control retention of messages and can ensure sensitive data is neve lost, stolen or viewed by anybody without your authorization.

Most system administrators are delighted to learn how easy it is to deploy the Softros LAN Messenger. Deployment of the Softros messaging software, its license and settings can be easily done using Group Policies. Best of all, rules for Softros LAN Messenger features for regular users can be handled remotely.

The Softros LAN Messenger solution supports Microsoft/Citrix terminal services. Launching the solution can is easy and an individual instance of Softros LAN Messenger for each terminal user. The scalability of this program allows it run equally efficiently both in a small office environment and in large enterprise networks. Emulate the corporate organization through the solution by organizing employees into groups. When configured in this way critical notifications can be dispatched to a group with a few mouse clicks.

Scalable, intuitive, secure, multilanguage and fully customizable. These are only a few of the capabilities included in this powerful messaging suite. Simplify your business communications and reduce the time your users have to spend dealing with “technical issues.” Maximize the power of communication for your company and build more efficient, better coordinate and a close-knit workforce.

For more information visit: http://messenger.softros.com

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