Kagame Just Shot Himself By Starving The People He Needs To Govern – Rwanda’s Tiny Middle Class
David Himbara

I’m not sure if it’s my limited understanding, but do all renters rent to diplomats and government, as you seem to be assuming? Or isn’t the letter all about reminding people of the Laws they had established?

I’m not sure if it’s my lack of “political” acumen, but I presume you totally understand Kinyarwanda and thus the letter. Speaking of the letter, wasn’t it written by the Office of the Prime Minister and not by the Office of the President, as you seem to conclude right away?

Of course you must have another angle you’re looking things at and I totally get it. But it’s not best to make biased assumptions, especially when you don’t have good intentions.

Please, Sir. If you’re an educator, show us the truth, not unsubstantiated biased ideas of your own aiming only at depriving and not enlightening. If you’re an economist, argue in the best interest of the well-being of people with supported claims too [I enjoy reading your blog and updates on renewable energy, by the way].

The stereotypical kind of African politician [lying, corrupt, divisive…] isn’t​ a good label for you — at all.

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