Uber vs Cabbies, Maslow’s style
Why it’s Just Fair that Uber’s French Management is Under Legal Pressure
(personal opinion)

The topic in itself is a rather complex one, and it is becoming more and more complex everyday as it is fueled by the usual media caricatured approach, Uber’s active and efficient propaganda and French government ignorance. To try to forge myself an opinion in such environment, I try to prioritize things and get them as simple as possible. …

And why I invested in Unilend

In many conferences I gave over the past years, I used what I find an entertaining parallel between surfing and entrepreneurship.
Indeed, with very limited means (as in, only a lousy surfing board), the entrepreneur must compete and comprehensively beat industry behemoths (as in, giant cruise liners). To achieve this, not only the entrepreneur needs to be great at surfing, but he or her also needs a damn powerful wave to both propel the whole thing as fast as possible and scare the motorboat out of the action.

As venture capitalists, at Ventech we…

Jean Bourcereau

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