He led his friends her body. They told no one.

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Marcy Conrad, right, was murdered by Jacques Broussard . Photo: Facebook.

River’s Edge is a dark film about a teen who kills his girlfriend then shows the body to his friends. A dozen people see her, half-naked and tossed near a riverbank, but it takes days for anyone to alert authorities.

The 1987 film was based on two similar crimes: the deeds of a teen killer recently profiled on Medium and the horrific acts of Jacques Broussard, of Milipitas, California, and his friends.

The real-life River’s Edge unfolded in 1981, shocking the nation and leading to headlines about disaffected suburban youth.

The victim, Marcy Conrad, just 14-years old, was largely forgotten as the press coverage focused on the outrageous behavior of the teens. …


Jean Campbell

Slo-mo jet setter. Unlicensed artist. Freelancer covering true crime, poetry & more.

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