Train TJBot to Identify Colors in Node-RED

Today we’ll train TJBot to identify colors using the see node and the Watson Visual Recognition service.

TJBot classifies objects and colors using the IBM Watson Visual Recogntion service. Create a Watson Visual Recognition service and copy the API key into the Visual Recognition section.

Make sure to enable the camera by ticking the Camera option in the TJBot configuration.

Use a see node with the mode See (identify objects), to classify the objects and colors with IBM Visual Recognition service.

Add a function node and add the JavaScript code to filter the colors and concatenate them into a string.

Here’s a video of how to train TJBot to identify colors using the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service.

That’s it for today’s skill. What can you train TJBot to do now that it can identify colors?

Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about identifying objects in a picture.

This post is part of a series of skills you can train TJBot to perform.

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