Train TJBot to Send a Text Message in Node-RED

Today we’ll train TJBot how to send a text message using the Watson Speech to Text service, the listen node, and the Twilio service.

The listen node records audio and uses the Watson Speech to Text service to transcribe what is heard into text. When an utterance is transcribed, the microphone is stopped and the message is sent via Twilio.

This project uses the microphone. Configure the TJBot to listen to US English and add the Watson Speech to Text service credentials.

Here’s a video of how to train TJBot to listen and send a text message with Twilio.

That’s it for today’s skill. What can you train TJBot to do now that TJBot can send a text message?

Come back tomorrow and we’ll train TJBot to analyze social tones.

This post is part of a series of skills you can train TJBot to perform.

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