Train TJBot to Speak Headlines in Node-RED

Today we’ll train TJBot how to speak headlines from an RSS feed using the Watson Text to Speech service and the speaker node.

Node-RED includes a feedparse node that takes a RSS feed URL and generates messages. In this training, I used a RSS feed from the Associated Press. When a new news article is published, TJBot reads out the headline blurb.

This project uses the speaker. Configure the TJBot as shown and add the Watson Text to Speech service credentials.

Remember to set the Speaker Device ID to the card and device number of your speaker. Run the command aplay -l to locate this if you have a USB audio adapter or USB speaker connected.

Here’s a video of how to train TJBot to speak headlines from an RSS feed.

That’s it for today’s skill. What can you train TJBot to do now that TJBot can read headlines.

Come back tomorrow and we’ll train TJBot to send a text message with Twilio.

This post is part of a series of skills you can train TJBot to perform.

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