Suddenly, we are born.

Suddenly, we are breastfed by the creature that held us. We see the exterior of the cave that we lived in for nine months.

Suddenly, we’re three years old. Walking by ourselves oh so proudly. Suddenly, we remember a yesterday.

Suddenly, we’re six and we choose. We believe and we love. Suddenly, we are alone in the universe, yet at the very center of it.

Suddenly, we’re in our early teens. We’re lost, but we don’t know why or how to deal with it. We want to deal with it and prove ourselves but, no, it’s almost impossible. Suddenly, we learn the harshness of life. Suddenly, we cry alone in our rooms in order not to disturb the people around us.

Suddenly, we are taking a step that can always turn out to be the wrong one. We don’t know where to go but we have to go on anyway.

Suddenly, we fall in love. Oh, but what is love? We will never know.

Suddenly, we fall out of love. We wake up one morning and feel nothing for the person laying next to us.

Suddenly, we realize that we were always alone even in the womb.

Suddenly, we are working in jobs according the possible wrong choice in our lives. We are looking for something that will allow us to live and survive. How can we survive if we don’t know what to live for?

Suddenly, we are sick. We are compelled in a sickness that disables us to carry on. We cough and no one is there to give us at least a spoonful of sugar.

Suddenly, we realize that we can only be limited to I.

Suddenly, I forget how to breathe.

Suddenly, I die.

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