wake up.

You wake up one morning and it’s all gone; everything has changed.

You forget how to breathe, you forget the shape and the color of the sun. Yellow you’d tell me; but is it really? Is the sky blue at all?

I woke up today and I didn’t know where I was: the bed I lay in was not mine, it was not even a bed. The mother that woke me was not mine although I convinced myself to believe that she was. I stood by the window and I looked at people outside… I couldn’t recognize anyone; not a single face in the crowd. I had to escape. I took the bus and the air reeked of silence. In fact, people were talking but I couldn’t hear anything they were saying. I went to my haven and I listened to the waves beating the rocks. That sound was the only thing that made make me feel safe again.

I inhaled,

I exhaled,

I breathed again.

I sat on a rock and I gazed at the sun.

Yellow… White… Gray… It started to rain. The sun disappeared and dark grey clouds filled the sky.

A boy with flowers in his hand appeared and handed me a black umbrella. I stood under it while he waited outside, in the pouring rain, not wanting to join me. The rain was killing the flowers but he didn’t mind, he seemed content. As content as I was confused.

1… 2… 3…

The boy was gone.

The umbrella disappeared.

The sky cleared up.

I found myself in the bus with the flowers in my hand; going back to the bed I don’t know, to the mother I don’t recognize, to the life that was once mine.