An Ode to a Beacon of Beauty, Love and Lightness amidst the Horror of 911

There was once a dream

Vague and intangible

A diaspora of longings and desires

Ever faint, barely seen

Fingers of the soul stretching out

Attempting to cross; reaching so far

Life’s Chasms, a hazard of a teasing

Meander of the Heart

Willow wisps of temptation

Furious minds grasping to fulfill the parts

Ever missing… just so close to tease

So near, but not there

The mind, the soul creates Chimeras

So disparate, so fragmented

But seemingly…

So real, but yet is just a reality unattainable

Bodies of encounters

Strewn by the wayside of life

Souls crushed; feelings threshed

Gazing aback to the wrongs

The failed rights… a death’s well

of best of intentions

But yet the heart perseveres

Longing for that faint image be real

Longing that the dream can yet

Attain substance and form…

Ever striding forth, never turning, as the dream

fades trembles and flickers

But perseverance of the soul breathes life

into the embers; fanning with desperation

Contorted Breaths striving to keep the flame aglow

We trod these paths of our choosing

Miss turns, wrong turns, a life of bad decisions

But little did we know

That our Purgatories were soon to meet Hell…

These the journeys we trod

all encompassing, all consuming

Never imagining Travesties from afar

Rending our placid tepid turgid journeys

as mere sidelines to the horrors to befall us all…

Little did we imagine such a world of crashing Towers

Glass Artifices of power shattered

Innocent and culpable no distinction

Wending it’s horrific way to new aberrations

Barrel bombs for the innocent wee ones

Gas and Misogyny wide and afar

Innate goodness a distant mirage

Dreams rended; barely recognizable

Tombstones of Flowers along picture Walls

Dante’s Inferno now our Reality…

That a light burning Bright: glittering gleaming

shimmering and shining could

arise forth like Leaves in the Wind

On this very day of Horrors

At odds with all that we see

With all that we remember

But it is Yet so…

For on this day a Beacon of Light came forth

A ray of inspiration and Hope

Not a strength borne forth of Insecurity and Ruthlessness

But a Strength drawn from Confidence and Compassion

Giving meaning and definition to Gleaming Glittering

Shining effervescent Leaves in the Wind

And the meaning… translation of all that is:


Happy Birthday Rafif

Thank you for making our world

and my world a better place

Loving you always…

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