My bet in Venezuela as an entrepreneur

🇻🇪Venezuela has one of the most amazing Human, young, smart and high potential people in the world. I am here because my job is to have an Entrepreneur vision with creativity, humility and love. You can operate in more complex environnements, but you need to: 1-Meditate (understand without any a priori), 2-Conceive (being bold, disruptive and fast), 3-Use the local ressources and strenghts (culture, talent), 4-Be organized (more than in Switzerland 🇨🇭), Long term vision, big goals, tactic daily flexibility, 5-Motivate your people and be motivated (Be fair and positive) and 6-Communicate open and wide. Be sure that a maximum number of people understand why, what and how you are doing a beautiful enterprise. Available on URIJI app to share about this incredible country.


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