To Your Army Reassignment

After nine (9) months of working at the Philippine Army as a researcher, I have once again felt this unexplained constriction in my chest — this is my first real heartbreak here at the camp. In less than 2 weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to someone who taught me so many things in this peculiar world I’ve entered. It’s not like any other jobs, this time, I have changed in so many ways — I did things I thought I couldn’t do, risked a lot of pride and other aspects in my life.

Perhaps, I’m still a bit of a timid girl from before but I’ve improved a lot. I was thrown into the dungeon many times, met different people with all kinds of attitude, experienced different moods along the way, and most of all learned that there’s more to life than just thinking about one’s self. As the army fondly recites, “para sa bayan” (for the country).

To one of my mentors who’s finally being relieved from her duty, may you always have the passion for leading and welcoming people. May you always have an optimistic perspective and may your radiance always shine to the people around you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and more than anything in this world — thank you for welcoming me to the army when I was having a hard time. Thank you for being my running buddy and it was fun while it lasted.

I can say a hundred times that I will always miss you, but you always will not believe it to be true. So here I am, writing to say my final goodbye. I’m not sure If I’ll let you read this, ’cause this is so not me.

Good luck on your reassignment and I’ll welcome you with the same enthusiasm when you come back three (3) years later! (That is If I’m still here)

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