No price on friendship.


Three months after giving birth to my darling daughted I was called by my boss to let me know that my office was closing and they were relocating my role 70 miles away, into central Glasgow. I was, as you can imagine, completely chill about the whole thing. Ha.

I spent a good while wallowing in self pity, and was unhealthily focused on the fact that of all the colleagues I worked closely with, only a couple checked in to see how I was coping. It was very me me me, and I still feel a bit ill when I think back on that time. I should have reached out to others too. But the hurt was real at the time, and I think that was the worst thing about it.

I did consider a communte for a while, but the option of redundancy payment (a healthy one) and the chance to spend more time with baba was too attractive. So I let them know I wasn’t going back and cut ties with what had been a pretty unhealthy working environment anyway.


Around three months later, confidence still low, I was beginning to think about what type of work i’d like to go into next. My last role had involved a lot of travel and I was NOT up for that again, so I was looking at what was available locally. Nothing felt right. I had worked on some pretty big international brands and the local work felt too small in some ways, but in others beyond my capability.

I had never worked closely with Kate, always REALLY liked her, but never really had the chance to get to know her. When she got in touch and heard how confused and fed up I was she asked me to go and spend the afternoon with her to talk. A welcoming cup of tea and reasurrance that yes — I had been good at my job and yes — redundancy was shit and life can be rubbish but all will be well, was all I needed. When she started to tell me about her dreams of self employment and a course she’d found to help her on her way, something reignighted inside me.

She inspired me. I wanted to take the redundancy and make my story a beautiful one. No pity, but progress, power and pride.

The Mother Tuckers.

One of the main attractions for me about studying with Digital Mum’s was the prospect of a support network of likeminded women rooting each other on. If one cup of tea (ok 4 more like) with one of these women had inspired me so, imagine having that all the time!?

My tutorial group are the reason I have completed this course, have likely passed this course, and have had the courage to be building two businesses whilst studying this course. They are the greatest cheerleaders I could have wished for and I get so much joy from cheering them on too. There have been some really tough times for the group and we have pulled through it all together with laughs and encouragement and possibly thousands of GIF’s.

I’ve been asked a lot if doing this course is worth it. £3k + 6months = skint/tired/learned/empowered. And as a bonus, I got a new girl gang, and that my friends is priceless.

Kate and I now run a prop hire business together in addition to the social media management work we do, and I can’t imagine life with out her or my mother tuckers.