10 Lessons from Frozen’s Olaf for anyone with a dream

Jeanelle Frontin
Jan 1, 2015 · 6 min read

Olaf is one of the most celebrated and loved characters in Frozen. While initially seeming to be an innocent but hilariously stupid and misshapen snowman, it eventually becomes clear that this character has the stuff heroes are made of along with the classic impossible dream. These are his ten most powerful lessons on making your dreams come true:

  1. See the beauty in all things.

Despite his dream of wanting to experience summer, Olaf was in awe of the winter wonderland. It may take a lot of patience to endure the cold when you have never tasted the warmer things in life, but true strength lies in genuinely being in awe at hidden beauty even in your chilliest winter.

2. The universe gives us things we want, but not always when or in the way we expect. Be grateful for the small.

Olaf chose to be content even though he didn’t have a nose. He then got what appeared to be a cute “little baby unicorn” nose, and he was happy. Naturally, when Olaf finally attained the large carrot nose he desired, he was overjoyed. But at no stage was he bitter about his circumstances — he was always grateful for every win, large or small.

3. People may be jealous of your achievements and may even want to take them away. It does not always make them bad people. How you react is a good test of your character.

There are some people who have ill-intent, and their energy is not the kind you should keep around. There are others, however, who can’t help but desire things you have accomplished, maybe because they wanted it in their way all along. It is not that they have bad intentions towards you, but they are still maturing in life and learning how to be happy for others when they aren’t 100% happy themselves. Not all of them are worth keeping around, but some of them may not deserve to be locked off. Olaf knew this when Sven kept trying to take his newly acquired carrot nose. He never allowed Sven to take advantage of him, but he also had empathy for Sven’s love of carrots and hoped that his friend would mature (which he did). Some friendships are worth it. Seek the wisdom needed to know the difference.

4. Give warm hugs, even if you’re still in the cold.

Olaf’s greeting line was, “I like warm hugs.” Coming from a snowman, it was hilariously ironic. However, despite how impossible his summer dream appeared, he still wanted to hug everyone warmly. Many times when we have a dream, we become selfish. In our desires to become rich, we forget about the less fortunate. In our goal to get a promotion, we step on those around us to reach our aim. In our journey, the key is to give the things we want to receive. Sow the seeds, and in time you will reap your harvest.

5. Ignore the negativity of others towards your dreams.

We all felt pity for the little snow guy while he sang about how much cooler he would be in summer. We all laughed at his ignorance and sighed at his naivety. But, do those reactions remind you of any time you were at the receiving end of the same? Remember that grand idea you had to start an “awesome” business, and no one believed you could do it? Even worse, the business may have failed, and you could hear those damning sighs at your supposed naivety? Did you let that stop you? If you did, time to climb out of the grave you dug for yourself and make this year the year you Olaf-up! Remember: the computer, tablet, or phone you are reading this from was once “impossible” too.

6. Be eternally yourself.

We live in a world that claims to celebrate the starkly unique personalities of those who have made a difference in every field and on every front. However, we only sing their praises AFTER they have accomplished something — when we all want to bask in their spotlights. We gush about how sweetly weird they were growing up and how we always knew they were meant for greatness when, in reality, we bullied them even if only with our thoughts. It stands to reason that the Great among us were always the outliers of society’s bell curves, and they never stopped being who they were. You shouldn’t either, weirdo.

7. Understand what love is and what it is not.

Olaf had one of the best definitions of love, and he also lived it. “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.” Grand gestures that don’t take anything from a person are not worth as much as little acts of care that cost a person everything. Know who truly loves you, especially when the going gets tough.

8. You don’t have to give your all to people all the time.

There are people in our lives we genuinely love, and most times when they are in need, we would put them before ourselves. Understand, however, that while we should do all we can for the people we love, it should be not to our detriment. Olaf carried Anna as close to the fire as he could, but then he began to melt. He loved Anna but knew that it would not be the best decision for him to become a useless puddle. As Olaf put it, “Some people are worth melting for… just maybe not right this second.”

9. Never be reproachful.

Elsa finally brought back summer in all its beauty, and Olaf found his impossible dream to be both fantastic and destructive. At that exact moment, it would appear that his goal had probably been the worst decision of his life. Olaf didn’t choose to blame those around him or to be angry that the winter didn’t continue or even to curse the summer. He decided instead to appreciate whatever moment he experienced from it, and to handle his defeat with grace and humility.

10. Believe in the impossible.

We have often heard the saying, “God does not give us more than we can bear.” I also believe that we do not dream more than we can accomplish, regardless of how impossible it may seem in our darkest moments. Olaf got his own flurry: his way to continue to be 100% his uncompromising self while living his dream of a snowman’s summertime. You have not dreamed of your future lightly — you did because it is yours to claim. You merely have to Olaf-up!

    Jeanelle Frontin

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