San Sebastian: Cultural Capital and Pintxos Mecca

Jeanette Ortiz
Jan 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Do you plan your trips around the best places to eat? Are culinary experiences top of your mind during travel? If so, consider adding the culinary masterpiece of a city that is San Sebastián, Spain to the top of your bucket list!

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Renowned as one of the cities with the most Michelin stars per square meter, people flock to San Sebastián first and foremost for the food. Known for its pintxo culture, food here is taken to another level with the abundance of flavors and the artful way it’s displayed. A pintxo is a small plate meal, similar to tapas, and is insanely popular in this region of Spain.

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Bokkado Pintxo, credit: Lonely Planet

If you visit for the culinary marvels San Sebastián has to offer, it is highly recommended you book a food tour. While you can find numerous tours available throughout the city, Just in San Sebastián offers one of the best tours for the foodie in you! The company gives wine and cider tours, cooking classes, pintxos tours, and even a private dining experience at a famous members-only cooking club. They also offer custom tours should you decide you want a more unique and personal experience.

Delicious food aside, San Sebastián also boasts fascinating cultural experiences and lush beaches to fully immerse visitors in the culture and beauty of the Basque region. Some of the most popular sights include La Mota Castle, San Telmo Museum, La Bretxa Market, Mount Urgull and Mount Igeldo, which allow for sweeping views of the city and its beaches. San Sebastián has three main beaches: La Concha, Ondaretta and Zurriola. Each beach offers unique backdrops of the city, San Sebastián variety of sports and sumptuous restaurants to entertain every kind of visitor.

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