Visiting Cartagena? 4 Must-See Destinations

Cartagena is a beautiful city in Spain, steeped in history and bustling with culture. From ancient Roman ruins and world renowned museums to lush beaches and sumptuous cuisine, Cartagena may just be your new favorite place. If you plan on visiting the city make sure you check out these breathtaking sights!

  1. Roman Ruins

Greece isn’t the only place you can go to explore Roman ruins. Cartagena is home to many Roman tributes, but one of the most visited is the ancient Roman theatre. Over 2,000 years old, the theatre is a feat of engineering that has been restored to exhibit its previous grandeur. The Roman theatre is the final stop at the Museum and makes for an interesting and historical visit. For more information on the Roman ruins in Cartagena, check out the Tourist Office of Spain in Chicago site and start planning your trip!

2. Naval Museum

The Naval Museum in Cartagena opened in 1992, but was moved to a new location in 2012. The city is well known for as Spain’s number one Naval port, making visiting this museum a must-do. Boasting the Isaac Peral submarine, authentic uniforms, medical artefacts, torpedoes and replicas of Naval ships, the museum offers a fully immersive experience of what Cartagena was like during its peak Naval days.

3. Cala Cortina

Cala Cortina is a tiny beach, roughly 250 meters long, but offers a secluded spot for tourists to enjoy. It is the nearest beach to the city center meaning people often walk or bike ride there to enjoy the day. While it tends to be crowded during peak season, the beach offers a picnic area and plenty of restaurants to choose from. It is well worth the visit to explore the town, soak in some sun and delve into their famous seafood dishes.

4. Auditorio El Batel

Hosting an event in Cartagena? Check out El Batel, a fantastic venue for global events and networking located in Paseo Alfonso XII. Situated near a port and walking distance to a variety of hotels and restaurants, the venue is located in an ideal spot for hosting events. The architecture is minimalistic, with huge open spaces great for tradeshows and exhibitions. The venue offers an exhibition hall, multipurpose rooms, press room, reception and cloakroom, and loading bays to store items. If you are interested in hosting an event in the legendary space, visit the venue site today to inquire about availability.

Cartagena should be on your list of cities to visit, whether for leisure or business it has something for everyone. History buffs, tourists and event planners alike continue to flock to the region to take advantage of all it has to offer.