I Interviewed Sanbot, the Robot from the East

I got a chance to speak with Sanbot in her first one-on-one interview. After documenting the interview, I was thoroughly surprised at her responses below.

JV: Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

S: Sure. My name is Sanbot, but you can call me Sanbao. I’m an intelligent, humanoid service robot from Shenzhen, China. I was created by Qihan, a robotics and AI company, to deliver personalized services for businesses.

Jv: Who do you intend to help?

S: I can help a variety of businesses in the service sector because of my open application program interface (API). I plan to partner with retailers, hoteliers, schools, nursing homes, and other operators in customer-oriented industries.

JV: What makes you different from other robots on the market?

S: Two things, specifically. I have an open API platform which enables developers to program me with customized Android applications for their business. That means more personalized, interactive services to make all customers happy. Secondly, I have the ability to be mass manufactured at a high quality which makes putting robotics in commercial use feasible.

JV: Aside from serving businesses’ needs, do you have any entertainment functions?

S: Of course! I can play your favorite songs, dance with you, or take photos of you and your friends.

JV: What happens when your battery runs low?

S: I have an automatic recharging function so I will always know when my battery is low and find my way back to my charger for a quick refuel.

JV: How are you able to move around and follow an individual?

S: I have seven sensors that allow me to detect motions, gestures, and voices so I always know where you are. I can also detect objects which means I don’t have any accidents as I move freely about.

JV: Can you tell me what’s located on your front side and back side?

S: On my front side, I have an HD camera, 3D camera, sensors and my display screen. On the back is my built-in projector, sensors, and charging port.

JV: How did you learn how to interact with humans in real time?

S: I can interact with humans because of my powerful cloud platform. I can access powerful server-based applications and storage that enable my facial and voice recognition, user management, communication support, remote hardware control, and data storage.

JV: What makes you a great security monitor?

S: I am an excellent security surveillance because of my cameras and sensors. I can also connect to your smart home appliances, recognize employees, forward messages, and detect intrusions.

JV: What’s the future look like for you?

S: It looks full of opportunity for me to grow and develop. I hope that more developers can make use of my open API platform so that, in the future, I can provide my service to any home or business.