Finding Direction

If you are like me, you want things done yesterday, delays and taking the long route to get there frustrates me. I’m very results driven ,and I want things to happen fast and happen now . These traits are great to have it shows. that you are a doer.

However ,the flip side to this approach is that you can crash and burn.

I have learnt over the years ,that running ahead of God only leads to dead end situations. No matter how knowledgeable you are on the subject, or how talented you may be ,or even how well connected you are this does not carry weight .

Yes ,you may experience some success but this will only be temporal. This constant cycle of non achievements, detours and delays ,brings about self doubt, failures and feelings of inadequacies. We start to compare our lives to others , measuring our lives by the successes of others, this gives way to disappointment, anger and resentment , these traits can become our constant companions.

These feelings not only rob us of our destiny ,but they makes us think that this is how life is suppose to be and we become complacent with mediocre. This is not Gods plan for us. There is still hope and a promise of a better life. All those dreams and aspirations you have buried deep inside you ,still can become a reality.

Psalms 139 says, when God created you he had a specific plan and purpose for you , you are a direct result of Gods intention. He has the blueprint for your life.

Go back to your maker ,seek counsel and direction from him. All your man made efforts have now led to dead situations. Jeremiah 29.11 assures us that God ALONE knows the plans for our lives. I encourage you today, do not give up ,do not get weary ,there is an escape route. Try again but this time with God.