On Privilege
Steve Schlafman

You can all hate me, after you read this, and please read it to the end, but to me, as a daughter of Holocaust survivors who had to face a bomb in the SUBO bathroom at Brooklyn College in 1969 and was then told I needed to die because my grandfather enslaved her grandfather down south… yeah, really… I didn’t know that the daughter of a Hungarian Jewish slave of Nazis was liable for slavery in America. Not every white person is guilty of racism.

I did not ask to be born Jewish, a community targeted with hatred by many in black and white communities all over the world, including America, for centuries. And I did not ask to be born with white skin. As a Jew in the late 60s and early 70s it was hard to get a job, especially as an Orthodox Jew, which I was back in the day. My parents could not get jobs in America. My father had to start a business by hauling scrap plastic on his back in 55 gallon drums. I never heard of white privilege until a few months ago.

But I do know that in poor regions with few blacks, cops target, beat up and harass the poorest members of their white community. They even shoot them. 
When I was young and attractive, cops didn’t pull guns on me (actually one did), but they did sexually harass me, and a friend and I managed to escape a gang rape by three cops by the skin of our teeth. I learned to talk my way out of such situations by hinting I had an STD or telling them my husband was waiting for me.

Tell me, please, where was the privilege that earned me the right to be raped by a black man at knife point, after he broke into my apartment in the middle of the night? Do I blame all black people for that? Are you crazy? He was a bastard and it didn’t matter what color he was. He was an animal. Period. Full stop. I do not judge millions of people of color by the act of one being. And believe me, with that knife in his hand, he was a person with power over my living or dying. Rape was nothing compared to that. Privilege? Where?

White privilege is a way to call every person with white skin a racist. That is wrong. Not every white person is a racist. Yes, way too many are, especially when they have power. And many in power are just plain corrupt, racist and genderist pigs. But POTUS Trump will not let us prosecute them anymore.

What people are calling white privilege is really racism. When people do not give you a loan because you are a person of color, that is racism. You should be getting a loan just like white people. When cops shoot unarmed people of color and beat them up, that is racism, because NO UNARMED PERSON OF ANY COLOR SHOULD EVER BE BEATEN AND SHOT BY A COP. It is not white privilege not to be shot. It is racism to be shot.

It is not white privilege that gets a white person a job, it is racism and genderism and Jew hatred that prevent people from getting jobs, school admissions and all the rest.

Stop calling it white privilege and call it what it is: RACISM AND HATE.

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