Me & my meds
Rosemary Donahue

I got on Lamictal for a dysthymic mood disorder two years ago. I’d taken anti-depressants, many, many times. They worked as long as I was on them and then when I felt better and stopped WHAM, back down to ground zero. I went to a psychiatric nurse practitioner that I loosely was affiliated with at my last job. Get a professional y’all, don’t leave this shit up to a GP doctor, they don’t know wtf they are doing no matter how well intentioned.

I’ve never felt better in my life, I quit drinking and smoking 6 months ago. I never thought in a million years I would be able to do that. (truly believe I was self medicating) I feel like I am the master of my own ship, for.the.first.time.ever.

I am pretty religious about reading up on the side effects of any psych meds I am prescribed. Not a fan of Effexor, at all. My girlfriend and I called it “side Effexor” ha. You are so right in that every med effects every person differently. I’m fine with taking Lamictal the rest of my life and if someone doesn’t like it, I give no fucks.

Awesome that you have figured out what works for you and just do it. I would really really encourage you to get in to therapy. If god forbid you find a day that the meds can’t help the problem, you can emotional tools that could literally save your life.

Best of luck and thanks for the very well written article!

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