WTF is Famous AF??

My attempt to explain Famous, the game

Viral Twitter handle hoarding game app Stolen recently re-launched as Famous! I didn’t really get it the first time around (have I finally gone granny in the tech world??) but thanks to invite codes on Product Hunt, I decided to give Famous! a shot.

I downloaded it yesterday with the Product Hunt invite code, went through the slightly unclear onboarding, then abandoned it.

Until this morning.

And now I can’t stop.

Here’s my attempt to understand and explain the game so you can also lose hours of your life to heart hoarding:


The entire premise of the game is to become someone’s “biggest fan.” You can be the biggest fan of up to 24 people. You sign in with your Twitter account, and you become a player in the bid to become the biggest fan of someone else’s Twitter account. Check out Famous’s slightly vague but hilariously written app description here.

tl;dr Famous! is a never-ending eBay auction to become the winner, someone’s “biggest fan.”

How to become a fan

In order to become someone’s biggest fan, you need to have enough ❤s to buy your position as the biggest fan. ❤s are the virtual currency to buy your spot as someone’s biggest fan. For example, if you wanted to win the biggest fan spot for Donald Trump, you have to pay up 2,905,090 ❤s (at the time of writing this post) to boot the current winner from his position as biggest fan.

2 million ❤s to be the biggest fan of building a wall

How to get ❤s

You get some starting amount of ❤s as a new user. Part of the onboarding process is for you to win the biggest fan spot of some suggested Twitter accounts, so you spend a few ❤s right off the bat.

Then, you have a few ways to earn more ❤s.

  1. Buy “gems”, another level of currency in the game, with cash money, which then can be traded in for ❤s
  2. Refer friends on Twitter to earn ❤s
  3. Passively claim ❤s from accounts you won
  4. If you lose your spot as biggest fan to someone else, you get your ❤s back, sometimes at a profit, if the account is gaining popularity

These last 2 options deserve their own section, because this is where you get sucked in.

Bid like a MFer

Collect passive hearts of stale accounts

When you win biggest fan on someone’s account, and no one else is ousting you with a higher bid, that means that account is no longer on 🔥. The price to be the biggest fan for that account goes down over time and leaks ❤s back out, which you can reclaim. Good news is, if the account you won becomes stale, all of the ❤s you spent won’t be tied up in maintaining your winning spot. This refers to #3.

The other way, and quickest way, to increase your ❤ reserve incrementally is to monitor the New or Rising section in the app. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot new players joining the game. To be the biggest fan of new players is CHEAP. If you’re short on ❤ money, this is your opportunity to flip your biggest fan position for more ❤s.

It’s kind of like, stock trading? You buy a bunch of stocks for cheap then rapidly trade them for slightly higher prices and make an itty bitty profit on each one. Similarly, you win the newbie accounts for a cheap ❤ price.

Because most of us are in the 99% or frivolous spenders, a lot of players are going to seek these cheap accounts out. This increases the number of bids per new player, which in turn rapidly drives the price up to become the biggest fan. A rapid succession of bids means that you will be ousted as the biggest fan quickly, but since the price is going up, you’ll be ousted with a positive ❤ return. Do this multiple times, and you’ll look up and see that 30 minutes disappeared but with a few more thousand ❤s!

Click on that cheap noob now!

Now what?

Okay, so hopefully by now you’ve won some bids to be the biggest fan for a few folks and got some ❤s out of it. If you want to get to the next level, you have to get more ❤s to bid on the big accounts that cost millions of ❤s to win.

May the ❤s be ever in your favor.