Are You Really not Giving a F***?

2 Steps to a Better Life

I can’t count how many times, someone told me: “you have to stop giving a f***!” or “stop caring what people think” or “Dude! Why do you care so much.” What I can count is how many times someone actually told me HOW to stop giving a f***, and the count is zero.

There are many reasons why people care about others opinions of them; their insecurities, the way they were raised (this is my reason), or just a learned habit. Regardless of the reason, the consequences are always the same. We never truly enjoy our lives, because the thought of other people judging haunts us. Even when we forget about our worries and enjoy ourselves, all it takes is one glance from a stranger to throw us back in our spiral.

So how to do we fix this. Really, all it boils down to is, recognize when we are caring too much, then end it. Wow, so simple! In reality, the steps are like 2+2 but the actual process is more like rocket science. So how then?

Speaking as person who used to give way too many f***s, and got the number down significantly over the past two years, I think we should keep 2 things in mind. The first is to obsess over not giving a f***. In other words, remind yourself about your issue and remind yourself that you are trying to solve it constantly. This trick will help accustom your subconscious to what you are trying to do (I will go into more detail on the importance of the subconscious at another time). The second thing is to put yourself in situations where you are the most self-conscious and “giving a f***”. I know this sounds very scary, but I think it is the fastest and most effective way to eliminate the problem from its roots. When you are forced to do uncomfortable things, you will get used to them and learn that they really are not so bad in the end.

I hope this helped a little bit. I know I didn’t go into much detail because I know how valuable your time is and I plan to write other pieces about this topic in the future. Cheers.