Communist Or Capitalist?

Disclaimer — The following isn’t a news report. It is opinion based on many sources, some of which are included for clarity, transparency, and rebuttal, and is the Free Speech of humanity. Furthermore, one has chosen to include an anecdotal story from a local public-safety advocates, who have been troubled by bureaucratic restraint in articulating Free Speech, in the past. Facts are unknown. Transparency and sunlight feel right.

Communist Or Capitalist?…..

The similarities of American Capitalist Party process, which includes two branches consisting of Democrats and Republicans, mimics the process of the 1-Party system of the Former Soviet Union that was called the Communist Party. One offers stories that support this opinion.

Currently, Congress is open for avaricious business, not for productive democracy. Congress itself is a concentrated tyranny of self-privilege, secrecy, repressiveness, and exclusive rules and practices. Congress fails to hold public hearings on many important matters and too often abandons oversight of the executive branch, and shuts out citizens who aren’t campaign donors.

It would have been rare in the sixties and seventies for major legislation to have moved to the floor of the House and the Senate without thorough public hearings with witnesses from a diverse array of citizen groups being given a chance to come and testify.

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Those old enough to recall the ‘60’s and ‘70’s know the fact that secrecy in 2018 from our government, indicates a change from 40 or 50 years ago. Interesting is the complicity of corporate-owned mainstream media that can be heard broadcasting suggestion via their mouthpiece of so-called news, that we must embrace a progress that never looks backward, but instead we must charge into a brave new future as envisioned by capitalistic hierarchy.

Of course we must recall history in order to protect against reliving it. And a public that ignores that evidence that public hearings in Congress on any number of topics was not restricted as it is today, indicates how deep we have waded into the swamp of totalitarianism.

The harm inflicted against the American public by politicians and commercial interests is more indicative of a totalitarian regime than a democratic (small d) Constitutional republic — --

This summer, during her seventh month of pregnancy, Christofili introduced a rights-based ordinance — the Newmarket Freedom from Chemical Trespass RBO — to the town council for their consideration. The ordinance was drafted in partnership with CELDF.

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Local community members are exemplifying courageous displays of democratic (small d) action.

The public seems to be more involved in their own governance, in keeping with a democratic (small d) Constitutional republic. Recall if one will, Obama’s relentless warning that “we are a nation of laws”, never adding that the laws under which Americans live are put in place by bought-and-paid-for politicians of the Capitalist Party, and Big-Money interests wielding an artificial right equal to the rights of We The People, that wasn’t expressed in the US Constitution, as presumed by a questionable Supreme Court, via Citizens United.

Unfolding today, 11/29/2018, is information about politicians who have informed the American public, their intention to “run government like a business”, which may be a definition of organized crime.

Especially disturbing is the fact that this system has been legislated into legality by corrupt politicians. As one hears of the risk-less approach to wealth creation of so-called branding, by which an individual profits without any risk to their own finances, one recalls having been licensed to sell limited partnerships. Limited partnerships are not intended to make money, we were trained. Limited partnerships were intended to provide tax write-offs, which they did. Limited partnerships from time to time did earn a profit for the silent partner. But the transfer of cash to those so-called branding schemes, seem to have been involved in the s__t storm one watches in our capitalistic system today. This is the experience and opinion of one person.

Eventually one came to understand that the so-called education in finances, was a deeply-focused indoctrination into capitalism. In fact, one’s view of our educational system has changed sufficiently to believe students are paying and going into debt for their own indoctrination into service to capitalist.

Another style of educational system, perhaps more student-centric, would provide for students the skills of citizenship and an ability to self-govern, of which we have been devoid over recent decades.

These are reasons many people voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary election in 2016, for President, and Jill Stein in the 2016 Presidential general election — —

Bernie Sanders last week unveiled a 10-point legislative agenda that he believes will galvanize the Democratic base in much the way that Newt Gingrich’s 1994 “Contract With America” propelled the GOP to its biggest electoral sweep since 1946 . The Vermont senator’s wish list is genuinely impressive in sweep , a full-blown progressive domestic platform for his expected second run for the presidency in 2020. But the immediate obstacle to Sanders’ proposals for Medicare-For-All, tuition-free public higher education, expanded Social Security, a $15 an hour minimum wage, “bold action” on climate change, fixing the criminal justice system, comprehensive immigration reform, progressive tax reform, a $1 trillion infrastructure overhaul and cheaper prescription drugs, is not Donald Trump’s GOP troglodytes — it’s Nancy Pelosi and her corporate Democrats, who answer to a much higher power: big capital.

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Establishment Democrats will never adopt these planks in their platform, because they are bought by Big-Money interests. We will never have Establishment Democrats and a working democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.

Our obviously rigged and repressive election process is owned by the Capitalist Party containing branches that are Democrats and Republicans. The price is paid by the electorate, disenfranchised away from any right to vote in reality, but afforded admittance into a Reality Show election participation without pay as an actor, for the benefit of oligarchs. In other words, the electorate is used as the prop for the election Reality Show by Establishment.

Jill Stein is working to correct these offenses to the principles of a democratic Constitutional republic — -

When you absolutely, positively need to steal an election, nothing beats the simple elegance of modern, computerized faith based voting machines. You can gerrymander districts, you can conduct malicious purges on spurious grounds like people convicted of felonies in other states having similar names. You can close polling places in neighborhoods unlikely to vote for you. You can even intimidate voters at the polling place, but all these things either leave paper trails or can generate unwanted publicity.

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Ocasio-Cortez’s faux-activism in urging Pelosi to support a Green New Deal is a dangerous distraction. The Democratic Party hopes that its pro-war, pro-corporate policies go unchallenged so long as it allows an array of white women and women of color to distribute the pain that the policies cause.

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I wish I had said that, but one feels a level of censorship, so one is appreciative of the transparency in this link.

While unsurprising but disturbing corroboration is reported over corporate-owned mainstream media on the topic of “running government like a business”, today, 11/29/21018, one also receives grassroots perspective that one feels compelled to share in Solidarity and transparency, because censorship has reigned for too long — -

— — — Received from Delawareriverkeeper — —

Subject: Urge the US Senate to block Fossil Fuel FERC Commissioner!

The Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee is holding hearings on Trump’s latest appointee to FERC, fossil fuel proponent Bernard McNamee, this Thursday, November 15. Call on the Senate to investigate the rampant abuses of FERC before approving another Fossil Fool to FERC!

That‘s why I signed a petition to The United States Senate.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


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One feels the American public is expected to choose between compliance to Establishment hierarchy and a functioning democracy that promotes equality, justice, and free speech. Is this a definition of totalitarianism?

On another topic, one has received the following message. The details are unknown by me, but in Solidarity and transparency, one sees no reason to avoid sharing, except for the censorship that has become too routine from government, in compliance with corporate privilege, in one person’s opinion.

And so, in Solidarity and transparency — —

Based on what happens over the next few weeks,

potentially there will be arrest warrants issued for

Ray Kemble of Dimock PA

and three of Ray’s close friends:

Craig L. Stevens (fractivist extraordinaire) 
Julanne Skinner (former elected official in Montrose, PA, and a close friend)

and Bill Huston (me!)

Ray Kemble has lived on the Front Lines of Fracking

for a decade, and has helped educate many people

from all over the globe about the harms of fracking.

None of these people are being accused of any crime.

All of this involves a civil case

Cabot Oil & Gas v. Kemble, et. al.

I do not have money for an attorney.

I am seeking legal help.

This is a civil case in PA.

I am a citizen of NY.


Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Cabot is suing Ray for “disparagement”, 
    which is a breach of contract (“Settlement Agreement”).
  • Ray says he was never bound to limitations on his speech due to a Modified Settlement Agreement, which Cabot’s attorney filed on to the docket (demonstrating that Cabot had the document on file for 5 years, and has never doubted its authenticity).
  • Ray Kemble tried to get the SECRET document “Appendix G” unsealed, with redactions, in order to show to the court that the Disparagement Clause GOES BOTH WAYS. Motion was denied.
  • Upon Information and Belief, Cabot has hired 3rd party actors (Tom Shepstone, Phelim McAleer, Jim Willis, etc) to disparage, stalk, harass, spy on, and bully the Dimock Plaintiffs, including Ray Kemble, thus maintaining the appearance of “clean hands”.
  • Cabot has failed to show ONE INSTANCE where Ray Kemble has disparaged Cabot! And they submitted 3 hours of video evidence!
  • There should have been a MOTION for Summary Judgement early on this case because Cabot has clearly FAILED TO STATE A CLAIM.
  • There is NO EVIDENCE that Ray,
  • a) violated any contract, 
    b) disparaged Cabot, 
    c) spoke about anything EXCEPT his personal experiences, 
     trying to educate others,including federal, state, and local officials, legislators, regulators, and law enforcement, in order to achieve remedy for his water contamination, to this date has not been corrected.
  • Unless you have spent time living in Pennsylvania, you will have a hard time believing how completely corrupt the government is, from town boards, county legislature, all the way to Harrisburg. Not one part of the government has escaped enclosure by the Oil and Gas industry : lawyers, judges, and politicians.
  • Cabot has issued subpoenas to 3 of Ray’s close friends, attempting to construct an elaborate conspiracy theory where shadowy NGOs and Foundations are using Craig Stevens and Bill Huston to manipulate Ray Kemble to disparage Cabot. This is SO Ridiculous!!!
  • Anyone who knows Ray Kemble will tell you: 
    NO ONE manipulates Ray Kemble!
  • Cabot’s questions imply I’m like Ray’s booking agent. Ray is a very private person. He does not discuss such things with me! I have no knowledge of Ray’s travel plans or speaking engagements.
  • The questions are a giant fishing expedition.
    They are asking many questions about a completely bogus theory.
  • They are casting a WIDE NET and hoping to collect bits 
    and stitch them together and FABRICATE a case against Ray.
  • Because they presently DO NOT HAVE A CASE against Ray! This can be Plainly Seen by anyone who looks at this case.
  • They are asking a lot of personal information from Bill, Craig, and Julanne.
    These questions have NOTHING apparently to do with helping the judge to decide Cabot’s contract dispute with Mr. Kemble.
  • The Judge Jason Legg has multiple conflicts of interest
  • has a gas lease
  • has shown pro-industry bias
  • sits on multiple boards with Cabot PR guy George Stark, who signed the complaint against Kemble. (Stark previously signed multiple complaints including criminal against Vera Scroggins)
  • * Stark commits perjury and contempt of court by denying the allegations in the Dec 15 2010 COSAs,
  • as mocked Mr. Kemble in open court, comparing him to Forest Gump. “Stupid is as stupid does”.
  • Judge Legg should recuse
  • I was not served properly (process server was trespassing, hiding on private property without permission of the property owner).
  • It’s my understanding that Craig Stevens was not served properly either.
  • Julianne Skinner was not personally served as required.
  • Ray’s attorney (NLG) is overworked, needs help


A glance into the records of one of the biggest industrial polluters!!!!

Where is NRDC or Sierra Club or Earth Justice.

If Ray’s attorney can get some LEGAL HELP

(both attorneys for research/writing briefs, and also $$$$ for Discovery)



The proof is Here! In this case!!!

Isn’t that the Holy Grail?

If you do not act, or help out, then

Ray Kemble,

Craig L. Stevens, 
Julanne Skinner,

Bill Huston

… may all be put in Prison by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

in order to Protect the Interests of the Oil and Gas industry.

Thank you for your interest and concern,


— -end of message received in my inbox, details unknown — —

One believes “running government like a business” coupled with Citizens United, are aberrations away from a democratic (small d) Constitutional republic that feels too nearly like totalitarianism. One feels censorship has become too normal, and so one shares this anecdote, particulars unknown.

We can do better.

In Solidarity With People And Nature — ;; — Green Black Caucus

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