Get Real

Get Real….
 Sunday morning and once again Reverend Al Sharpton doesn’t disappoint on the topics with which he grapples — —
 One is aware of the loyalty many people display toward Establishment D’s, incomprehensibly. One has watched the Establishment D party leaders in a cross-section of endorsements between each other, that defies any notion of democracy on either process or policy. What might now have been the policies in Chicago if Chuy Garcia had won election. Perhaps worse? Perhaps a change is indicated.
 How will a change occur within legacy-bridled Establishment D’s? A point can be made that any legacy-minded Establishment D worried about his/her public persona, was quite adequately compensated for their so-called service, by the big-money interests that put him/her into office with their wagon hooked to the big-money interest star. Any notion that the long-suffering public must continue to genuflect to the promotion of Establishment D legacy, is a ship that has sailed.
 Now is a great time to give a nod to candidates who support democracy in practice, not just in rhetoric. And by the way, democracy partners well with socialism, but it’s a sorry step-child in capitalism.
 Aside from years gone by when one watched Obama cut Social Security Earned Benefits to retired workers who had paid between 7.5% through 15% of their salary as mandated, collaborate with Jamie Dimon on policy, and bailed out with no prosecution, the financial institution profiteers, this dismal record was followed by the ACA. Although Obamacare is described as a health-care plan, in fact it is a health insurance industry and health provider industry give-away. ACA will collapse under the weight of the transfer of cash from the public to the health provider industry and health insurance industry.
 Anyone sincerely attempting a health-care plan will prioritize prevention over treatment. Anything else is extortion. The U. S. public cannot endure any more extortion from running government like a business. We need to get back to a concept of democracy, not capitalism.
 A workable solution to providing true health care would be local administration of health care from providers who are remunerated on the basis of good-health results, not on treating disease. This would mean health-care providers would keep the public healthy in all the ways available. This includes employing experts who will ensure environmental and lifestyle health, without which people sicken and die. This would prioritize the well-being of local community over capitalistic profiteering. 
 Currently one hears corporate-owned mainstream media (middleman) opine that ACHA rather than ACA will mean the destruction of untold jobs in the health industry and health insurance industry. Indeed, the health insurance agency, which is not involved in health care (middleman) would be reduced in scope. Those employed in the health-care industry would no longer be employed by centralized and institutionalized health industry corporations, but would be no less needed locally to fill the newly created employment opportunities in good-health and disease prevention jobs.
 In fact, without involvement in health-care capitalism industry, which industry draws off profits for Administrators and Wall St. (middleman), the people who actually do the work can expect remuneration in keeping with the contribution. It’s called a free market.
 One also suggests the extortion perpetrated upon the U. S. public by running government like a business, can be mitigated to some small extent by putting in place a UBI (Universal Basic Income), along with the health-care plan based on prevention of disease rather than treatment after the fact. The UBI will allow space for the beleaguered public to get on its feet and proceed on a governance based on democracy. In fact, the UBI is an excellent policy for the economy of the 100%. The benefits of the UBI may be — — 
 * The public (99%) will receive economic consideration as is received by the oligarchs (1%), but to a much lower extent, of course, in keeping with legitimacy of purpose
 * A baseline income without casting the recipient as a reprobate may provide a concept of equality
 * The UBI will deal, to some extent, with discrimination and nepotism
 * The bureaucratic cost of pigeon-holing citizens into different welfare-recipient boxes, and then managing them and hounding them, can be redirected to a simple payment to each citizen regardless of status
 * This will remove the terrorism inflicted on a too-large portion of the public, as to their ability to survive
 * The UBI will create a more vibrant local economy, which is where the majority of the UBI will be spent
 * This provides opportunity to the members of the public in that local community, to rise above the UBI without loosing its safety, and embark on entrepreneurial and free market pursuit
 * The reality of a health-care plan that is based on prevention, will create untold numbers of newly imagined local jobs that can pay the sole-proprietor handsomely, because the middleman will not be taking his/her cut away from the workers
 In the meantime, one is grateful for a character such as Reverend Al, who gives a nod to Establishment which allows him to maintain a slot on corporate-owned mainstream media, and thus provides a space for one such as Jesse Jackson to be heard.

In Solidarity with people and nature — — ; — — Green Black Caucus ; A resource