Is equating Medicare with Medicaid ignorance or malevolence?

Is equating Medicare with Medicaid ignorance or malevolence?

This AM on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, one again heard the fake news perpetrated by corporate-owned mainstream media, this time by a NY Times reporter, and with the complicity of the show hosts called Mika and Joe, on the subject of Medicare and Medicaid, the misrepresentation that Medicare is an Entitlement, when in fact it is an Earned Benefit.

Medicare is a part of Social Security, into which U. S. workers have paid over decades. While workers pay into this Social Security Fund, it has been called an Earned Benefit. We now hear corporate-owned mainstream media talking heads and reporters mislabel this Earned Benefit an Entitlement. This is fraudulent new language and must be called out as surely as the need arose to call out the corporate-owned mainstream media superimposition of the label of capitalism over democracy. Both seem to be a diabolical pro-Wall Street propaganda campaign. Earned Benefits can also be called salary, which the corporate-owned mainstream media mouthpieces seem comfortable in taking. It is that for which one has worked. In fact, the Social Security Earned Benefit wasn’t only earned, it was paid for by the recipients.

Facts about Social Security which includes Medicare — — 
* Employees pay into the Social Security Fund 7.5% of their salary, their employer pays in 7.5% for that employee for a total of 15%
* Self-employed people pay into the Social Security Fund 15%
* This amount is assessed off the top, before any deductions such as business expenses or contributions to IRA’s or 401(k)’s

Many people have paid this amount over a period of 30, 40, or 50 years. This amount paid into the Social Security Fund is significant, and it is fraudulent language to rename that which is an Earned Benefit into an Entitlement. Why would anyone do this?
* Ignorance
* Malevolence
* Compliance to corporate standards and self-interest

The discussion itself is a fraud, when one recalls that the best form of health care is prevention, and apparently due to corporate compliance, this approach is ignored by all of Mika, Joe, or Ms. Alcindor. The ACA (Obamacare) was a tacit transfer of wealth from the public sector to the health industry. Wall St. is intimately involved in this fraud that shackles the public on the topic of health care costs, while the government ignores the fact of harm to human and environmental health by diverse industries.

One case in point among many — —

Evenings one will see on the local news channels, warnings against elder abuse, and urging reporting of any instances. At the same time, one also is watching the corporate-owned mainstream media campaign to equate Medicare with Medicaid, when Medicare is an Earned Benefit pre-paid for by the elderly, and Medicare is not.

Awareness of elder abuse by individuals is vital. How much more vital is truth on the subject of elder abuse on a grand scale, by corporate-owned mainstream media characters who may be ignorance, or may be consideration of their Wall St. stock holdings in their so-called reporting.

Personally, I bought my first house in 1972, and have paid school taxes since, even though I don’t have children. I did so as an integrity-based member of society, and didn’t resent it. One seems to watch in the corporate-owned mainstream media talking heads, the last days of a gasping society that will use any lie to promote their ability to float at the top of a cesspool at all costs.

No fan of Trump, but I’ve heard these same corporate-owned mainstream media talking heads so-called report on their so-called news shows, the idea that Trump doesn’t understand the difference between Medicaid and Medicare.

It is doubly troubling if the corporate-owned mainstream media talking heads are better informed, but simply spreading propaganda, rather than simply displaying their ignorance.

This is also the reason it is impossible to vote for an Establishment D, or to have pretended that a President Clinton would have been better than a President Trump.

One’s Presidential Primary vote for Bernie Sanders, followed by the Presidential General Election vote for Jill Stein, was based on facts and the integrity of the candidates.