Money And Inequality

Disclaimer — -The following isn’t a news report. It is personal opinion developed from different sources, some of which are included for rebuttal, transparency, and clarity, and is the Free Speech of humanity.

Money And Inequality……

Inequality promoted by the law in the US derives from money — - — Pardons and non-prosecution of criminal behavior seems indicative of the money required by politicians via the illegitimate decision called Citizens United, handed down by an evermore compromised Supreme Court as judges are chosen according to the wishes of politicians who derive their power through campaign contributions from big-money interests. In other words, Establishment cronyism that has risen to the level of totalitarianism.

Are we watching the construction of dictatorship?

Reality based on facts has been mitigated by the lies from capitalistic hierarchy to promote the welfare of that class. Use of the American educational system that was first put in place to ensure a citizenry adept in civic responsibility and ability has been superimposed by an educational system to produce citizens who are employer-compliant and robotic.

If our educational system produced free-thinking and thoughtful citizens, curiosity could compel more of the public to question authority. Perhaps one would at least be able to consider stories differing from that of patriarchy.

A recent reading of the book by Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, called Native Wisdom, Perceptions Of The Natural Way included a suggestion that a presumption that the Bering Strait was a means by which Native Americans migrated to North America could have been misread from a reality that the migration could have been the opposite.

Today, one came across this interesting story — - — The Founders seem to have been inspired by the democracy as practiced by the Iroquois Confederacy, to compile the US Constitution.

Doubly offensive would be the disrespect to democracy by the same capitalistic hierarchical system against which was fought was The American Revolution, whose participants embraced notions of democracy of the Iroquois Confederacy. The ideas of imperialistic assault against Native America would be intense, even today.

Potential for equality and justice for all is limitless unless the public believes the story line of Establishment who have fashioned a phenomenal bait-and-switch to suppress the public and to squeeze toward the 1%, the wealth of the nation that is the birthright of the 100%, but has been embezzled in concept by the 1%.

The smug presumption by Establishment that the 99% are so-called jealous of the so-called success of the 1% is a tired lie that needs to be called out and put into perspective.

Several thoughts on the topic of wealth — —

* The money that is the symbol of the excellence of a person’s intelligence, inspiration, or determination isn’t a matter for envy, but rather of respect

* Embezzlement of the wealth of the nation doesn’t produce envy, but more nearly alerts the public to criminal behavior

* A small amount of research into the origins of wealth will enlighten

* — If presumption of superiority due to wealth accumulation is to be the standard in the US, the public shouldn’t be expected to pretend the wealth of many people was earned honorably. People shouldn’t be held accountable for the deeds of relatives, but if wealth still promoting the family originated in, for example, the slave trade, it should be common knowledge

* That questionable past accumulation of wealth remains within the groups of people who currently are enacting legislation with the assistance of the Supreme Court decision called Citizens United, which invites graft and corruption into the electoral process, is compounded by that group of people under laws promoting, for example, The Trickle Down Theory, the public should at least be aware that this seems, drawing from past actions of that group of people, “running government like a business”, which may be a definition of organized crime than economic policy.

* If the sound notion of spreading around the wealth of the nation is the goal of The Trickle Down Theory, the public, having been lied to and exploited about the origin of the wealth of oligarchs, must demand a Trickle Up Theory, perhaps represented by a Basic Income.

These are reasons one respects the wealth accumulation due to expertise and talent and its use by people such as LeBron James to help local community members, and the disdain for the wealth of, for example, Trump who has some explaining to do, along with his deeply offensive personal disregard for his fellow human beings who perhaps chose to abstain from criminal activity as a means to gain wealth.

One also questions the women who sell their autonomy to promote patriarchy, as an example the Trump Administration and the women in association who speaks words implying recognition of depravity, but must enjoy too much privilege to be elsewhere.

Combine this shell game with characters such as Paul Ryan, who attempts to put lipstick on a pig by promoting capitalistic imperialism by Ayn Rand, and one surely sees a reason the public should ask a few questions of these captains of industry — --

And what about the interesting number of America’s wealthy families who may have gotten a head start from the slave trade? — Hmmm……capitalism made it different……have to think about that.

Rather than suggest excellent means by which capitalism can be promoted in the US, and which seems to be an oxymoron anyway, perhaps we can attempt democracy, justice, equality, and pursuit of happiness. The following is not an endorsement, just a perspective that perhaps can jar the indoctrinated mind of the American public into a different notion — - — Platform as presented by 2020 Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Not an endorsement, but perhaps more of a removal of blinders from a public currently in servitude to capitalism with the assistance of corporate-owned mainstream media.

Even as one feels positively toward Michelle Obama, one recognizes the rise of Establishment Democrats into capitalistic hierarchical apologists. The campaign Obama promotes to rally Establishment celebrities to induce local communities to register to vote is simply disingenuous.

Public self-respect will engender the voter registration followed by a trip to the ballot box, followed by ongoing monitoring of their elected Representative. A campaign to register a voter who is starry-eyed over a celebrity is uncomfortable on several reasons — -

* If the celebrity is needed to motivate registration, the newly registered voter may not inform himself/herself on topics promoting their own interests, nor motivate sufficiently to get to the ballot box

* Promotion of capitalism has been largely spread via celebrity presentation of obscene lifestyle as enviable when its simply obscene

* If the celebrity was interested in democracy, he/she would produce craft that promoted democracy, not capitalism

* That those celebrities don’t promote democratic action over capitalism, is indicative of personal interest in joining hierarchy

* The Obama Administration are contributing members of the capitalistic hierarchy, having done little to promote the public, regardless of their decent personal behavior in office, which is appreciated. Dignity does much to take the edge off of self-promotion

Perhaps we need a discussion as to the reason money is linked to equality. That could unwind much.

In Solidarity With People And Nature ;; — Green Black Caucus

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