When Criminal Activity Isn’t Illegal

Alert — -This is not a news report. This is opinion developed from many sources, some of which are included for clarity, transparency, and rebuttal, and is the Free Speech that shares ideas.

When Criminal Activity Isn’t Illegal…..

Politicians make the laws that may not include harm to the public that would appear to be criminal activity without legal constraints — —

http://www.wicz.com/story/42138283/no-burn-broome-press-conference-brought-endicott-residents-together-to-protest-the-recycling-incinerator--“The kind of substances that are in that battery, which when burnt will produce the most toxic products that we’ve ever known,” Connett said.

Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson said that the SungEel company would be using a green hydro process to remove lithium dust from the batteries, crush up the leftover metals to go to a scrap yard, and everything left over would be sent to South Korea, including all of the chemicals.

“The company was improved by the only entity that was required, the state of New York, in October. This company’s already been approved. It has nothing to do with me,” Jackson said. “This company is only going to be doing Stage 1, and these people are all worried about Stage 2 which does have chemicals and stuff — that’s being sent back to Korea for that. That has nothing to do with us. I really care about Endicott. I’m not worried about this new company, the chemicals they’re talking about are in South Korea, they’re not here.”

Mackenzie Forte and Lindsey Smolinsky, organizers and Endicott residents, brought up the No Burn Broome’s online petitions, where the group hopes to get enough signatures and support to prevent the incinerator from operating.

“I cannot bear to see the day my town becomes an industrial waste-dumping ground, and I will do whatever it takes to stop it,” Forte said.

— — -end of wicz info — -

Previous information on the topic of the Endicott battery recycling facility — -From the NYS public-safety advocates who have their heads in the clouds but their feet on the ground — -https://www.facebook.com/350.org/photos/a.136077452707/10158680733472708/?theater=&type=3&utm_medium=email&utm_source=actionkit

This campaign has been hard-fought and it was only possible because of all of you. Thanks to the leadership of The Stop Williams Coalition (which 350.org is part of), thousands of people across New York battled it out for years to make this moment possible.

Tens of thousands of comments, emails, phone calls, and letters were sent to decision makers. Dozens and dozens of elected officials at all levels of government were pressured to take a stand against this risky pipeline that would drive more climate pollution and threaten our waterways.

Hundreds of thousands rallied and protested and took action in the streets. From the massive Climate Strike in NYC last September, to smaller protests at public hearings and the offices of elected officials including Governor Cuomo.

Now it’s time to celebrate and get ready for the next big fight. Now that we banned fossil fuel projects in New York City and defeated the Williams pipeline, we must campaign to get a statewide ban on all new fossil fuel projects and divest our $200 billion state pension fund from dirty coal, oil, and gas companies.

Please help share the good news and help us bring more people into the next big fights ahead.

Thank you so much for all that you contributed to this campaign.

When we fight, we win.


— end of facebook info — -

Business still on the docket — — The actions of politicians are probably based more on ignorance and hubris than hostility; the problem is that one thing leads to another, when hubris and ignorance aren’t challenged. A recent example is the Endicott battery incinerator discussion — -

*http://www.wicz.com/story/42115999/endicott-mayor-addresses-recent-recycling-zoning-change--Shes says:

“The vote taken last Thursday by the board has no impact on whether the battery recycling facility will be allowed to operate in the Village of Endicott… This code change was meant to clarify and add restrictions to protect the village for all current and future recycling facilities operating in our industrial zone. A building permit for Sungeel is being granted with or without these stricter recycling guidelines or restrictions. The only thing this misinformed group and petition can accomplish is to defeat the additional protections we are putting in place.”

— end of wicz info — (the “misinformed groups” referred to are the citizens represented by Jackson)

*https://wbng.com/2020/02/26/digging-deeper-endicott-officials-demand-answers-before-battery-recycling-facility-moves-in/--The mayor said just a few weeks ago, the DEC sent her a draft air state facility permit which states the DEC would be “held harmless” if anything were to go wrong.

“It seems a little unfair if they’re going to be giving out a permit but they don’t want to be held responsible, so it made us a little nervous,” she told 12 News. — end of wbng invo —

*https://wbng.com/2020/04/29/former-endicott-mayors-speak-out-against-battery-incinerator-plant/--John Bertoni and Michael Colella say they are worried about the health and safety of residents and their children, as well as showing concern over property values plummeting because of the facility.

The former mayors say they are concerned with air quality.

Paul Connet, a retired chemistry professor, is also concerned about the facility.

— end of wbng info —

*The uncomfortable phrase in the following report about a battery recycling facility that describes citizens as being “charged up”, would more correctly describe them as being concerned about their neighborhood safety.

https://wbng.com/2020/02/26/digging-deeper-endicott-officials-demand-answers-before-battery-recycling-facility-moves-in/---The company’s CEO, Danish Mir, told 12 News in an email, the prior mayor was “fully aware of the project.” We spoke to former Mayor John Bertoni back in December, in regards to the concerns over the facility he said, “Evironmentalists, those who have some objections to it, do come to the meetings and you certainly have to listen and if they’re right well find out.”

— — end of wbng info — -

It is not the job of “environmentalists” to investigate and inform Representatives of The People about that which may harm the public. That should be the function of government. In the Southern Tier, when public-safety advocates voice concerns, they are at risk of being labeled a domestic terrorist by law enforcement (for example if one utters the phrase “bomb truck” in Vestal) or if an advocate annoys a public servant, they can be at risk of arrest — -https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/binghamton/news/2019/12/20/emergency-first-responders-act-passes-in-broome-county


— — — — — — — — end of timeline of oddly hot and cold attitudes from Southern Tier politicians, on the topic of public safety — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

The story continues — — The disrespect from Mayor Jackson toward local-community public-safety advocates as she calls such a “misinformed group”, seems to need to include the local Union-Endicott SD — --http://fluoridealert.org/wp-content/uploads/endicott.superintendent.school-district.letter.may-6-2020.pdf

For more information, please access https://noburnbroome.com/

— -end of current issue in the Southern Tier of NYS, once ground zero of the fracking-industry incursion, stopped by the NYS fracking ban, having been hard-fought by caring local-community public-safety advocates who may now challenge the Endicott battery-burning facility — —

However, one more point about the Endicott, NY battery incinerator facility: — https://portside.org/2020-05-16/connecting-dots-between-environmental-injustice-and-coronavirus-------The news conference showed public-safety advocates wearing masks, that by the way were outlawed by a Binghamton, NY bureaucrat pre-Covid-19, and which masks in the news conference seemed less a matter of making a point than of public safety, is an ironic reminder that public health is deteriorating, that Covid-19 may have been the reason for the mask, and that air pollution is reported widely to raise the mortality rate among Covid-19 victims.

http://www.gpny.org/while_cuomo_fiddles_howie_hawkins_wins_green_party_of_new_york_presidential_primary--Americans face many threats in 2020 from the rapacious and erratic behavior of the President, the corporate domination of both major parties, and the twin crises of COVID-19 and climate change. We embrace Mr. Hawkins’ call for an eco-socialist Green New Deal that combines an economic bill of rights with a rapid transition by 2030 to 100% renewable energy and a halt to new fossil fuel projects,” said party co-chair Gloria Mattera.

“Democracy is under assault in the United States. While we need to remove Trump from the White House, replacing him with Joe Biden will continue America’s escalating income inequality and social injustice. Americans need a political party free from corporate control that will lift up all Americans, not just the 1% favored by the two parties. We need to shift our budget priorities away from a massive military budget that seeks to dominate the rest of the world and instead invest in our many domestic needs while enacting a foreign policy based on mutual respect and humanitarian aid,” said GPNY co-chair Peter LaVenia.

— end of gpny info —

Bureaucrats and politicians have openly stated their intention to “run government like a business”. Too many of citizens who appear to be most easily bureaucratically-indoctrinated, seem to have accepted this propaganda as fact. If we followed principles of a democratic (small d) Constitutional republic, local community members and the general public would have a voice in their personal environment and health. This topic has been discussed on This Week — -https://abcnews.go.com/ThisWeek-----

A discussion was of the Obama Administration/Michael Flynn that is being labeled Russiagate by Republicans. Several thoughts — -

*Republicans suggest President Obama committed a crime

*Republicans suggest Trump cannot commit a crime because he is President

*Is a crime an illegitimate and harmful act, or is it legislated in language?

*Over the last several decades, legislation has been used to control the public and to give undemocratic privilege to politicians and their cronies

*Obama has used underhanded political games (in the gang of Democratic Establishment politicians) and as a Bernie Sanders supporter, voter suppression has been apparent as an illegitimate and perhaps criminal action that is not legislated against broadly enough to be effective

*Republican Establishment politicians use the same political games to gain power, privilege and to transfer the wealth of the nation from the 100% to the 1%, as have Democratic Establishment politicians

*Principles of our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic have been betrayed by politicians, many of whom seem to have violated Oaths of Office

*Capitalism is hierarchical which is in direct opposition to principles of a democratic (small d) Constitutional republic

The dictatorial attitude presumed in the Trump Administration is on a continuum from past Administrations that, for example, foisted onto the American public, globalization that sent American jobs and ability to manufacture products, overseas. An example is the Obama/Biden-promoted NAFTA that wasn’t illegal but as concerns effect upon American citizens, can be called criminal activity. Remember that politicians write the laws, and the laws have been written to control the public, not politicians.

This morning on This Week, the Stephanopoulos interview asked of Chris Christie about whether Fauci should be sidelined on the topic of Covid-19. One hasn’t been paying attention if one isn’t aware that Christie promotes hierarchy, and within the system of capitalism. Capitalists view people as human resources and the environment as a natural resource, to be exploited by hierarchy. Christie said Fauci should be heard but that politicians have the last word on public health (paraphrase).

One believes this is a topic that requires serious discussion, and shouldn’t be left in the hands of capitalistic hierarchical Establishment. A view may be that political control of public health is a totalitarian approach. Politicians have been deeply flawed and self-interested people, and to leave public health in their hands is contrary to public health.

This is the reason women must have the right of Choice.

Especially as we have watched politicians involved in criminal behavior that may or may not be written into law, the importance of retaining principles of a democratic (small d) Constitutional republic is ever more important.

This is the reason the Noburnbroome group is demanding their health be respected, in Endicott, NY, rather than being left in the hands of politicians who are known to ignore public health in compliance to commercial interests.

That we are even forced to make choices between public health and “the economy” is evidence that the system of capitalism sacrifices people (human resources) to capitalistic hierarchical Establishment ideas of “running government like a business”.


andemics know no politics, and yet President Trump, Republican Party leaders and members of the GOP base have weaponized coronavirus for the culture wars, placing American capitalism over human lives and responding to this disease by presumably asserting a right to die without an oppressive lockdown, all for the sake of capital. It seems misplaced for these individuals, predominantly white conservatives, to demand that everyone return to work and reopen the economy, even as we have yet to reach the height of a deadly outbreak. White Christian nationalism is taking on the plague with potentially disastrous results.

— end of laprogressive info —

That the so-called Democratic Base support Joe Biden, according to voting reports, regardless of his behavior toward women that may or may not be illegal, depending on situation, may be justifiable judging by Biden’s discretion in the women he selects for such treatment. But what could be the reason for the Democratic Base to support Joe Biden who promotes industrial health insurance policy ownership over a universal and comprehensive public health policy?

Logic seems to have escaped the electorate on so many levels.

Atrocities are committed in the name of American citizens — -https://portside.org/2020-05-16/ever-war-terror-what-earth-us-doing-bombing-somalia

Many politicians are not committing illegal actions at the same time Oaths of Office are violated, when that Oath insists on upholding principles of the US Constitution — -The preamble sets the stage for the Constitution (Archives.gov). It clearly communicates the intentions of the framers and the purpose of the document. The preamble is an introduction to the highest law of the land; it is not the law. It does not define government powers or individual rights.

Establish Justice is the first of five objectives outlined in the 52-word paragraph that the Framers drafted in six weeks during the hot Philadelphia summer of 1787. They found a way to agree on the following basic principles:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” — — — — — — — — -https://www.uscourts.gov/about-federal-courts/educational-resources/about-educational-outreach/activity-resources/us

— -end of Preamble — —

These principles seem to be applied to both of the globalization that sent US jobs and manufacturing overseas, to demanding the public work during a pandemic, in which their lives are endangered.

Presidents past and present may not have so much been illegal as they have taken us down the path toward authoritarianism when “running government like a business is imposed over principles of a democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.

Nurture Is Strength

We need a softening of America, after an era of absurd militarization, authoritarianism, and capitalistic affliction — --https://www.yesmagazine.org/issue/dirt/2019/02/18/how-removing-asphalt-is-softening-our-cities/--But post-World War II, Americans wanted their large cars parked out front, visible tokens of affluence. By the 1960s, The Community Builder’s Handbook pronounced alleys obsolete: “one of the advances which has been made in land planning during the motor age.” Paving was considered progress, even as it made cities impermeable. And now, as climate change brings record rains, pavement is contributing to toxic stormwater runoff and dangerous flooding. Asphalt drew cars deeper into the city and reduced urban community gathering spots. Lack of dirt cut down on a neighborhood’s trees, plants, and animal habitat.

— end of yes mag info —

Remember you can’t stop progress, but you can define progress. Softening doesn’t mean inferior.

No Presidential Debate will be authentic without Green Party Presidential candidate Howie Hawkins and Democratic-running candidate Bernie Sanders.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAtR2em-1bU--Caleb talks w/ Howie Hawkins, Green Party Presidential Candidate — (After Joe Biden railed about disinformation on the internet, apparently Twitter took down the Twitter account of Howie Hawkins, which was then reinstated. This is too nearly state control)

These are reasons many people take a more personal responsibility in Presidential choices, rather than depending on self-interested endorsements from paid-off Establishment politicians.https://www.postandcourier.com/health/clyburn-has-taken-more-than-1-million-in-pharma-money-in-a-decade-far-surpassing/article_62b10180-d956-11e8-9122-4f50316f66fa.html


Vote your interests, not your Team.


The DNC all ready controlled the Democratic voters, so any discussion today about capturing Bernie Sanders Democratic voters is nonsense. How will the DNC capture the Green Party or Independent Party voters, who view both Republicans and Democrats for what they are….Capitalist Party politicians.


Demand that The League of Women Voters again host political debates. — https://www.lwv.org/

https://www.debates.org/ is the Democratic corporation and Republican corporation collaboration that has monopolized into censorship, 3rd-Party candidates, pertaining to political debate. https://www.debates.org/media/---Demand open discussion by emailing media@debates.org.

For further inquiries, please contact the Commission on Presidential Debates at media@debates.org or by phone at (202) 872–1020.

More information about each of the 2020 general election debates can be found at the following links:

First presidential debate:
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
University of Notre Dame

Suppression begins with the political debates that exclude 3rd-Party candidates. Included in the Democratic and Republican Presidential Debate, should be Green Party Presidential candidate Howie Hawkins, who actually has public policies to discuss. Excluding one with actual plans in place, will guarantee a Reality-Show Presidential Debate stand-up comedy routine, if the debaters are Biden and Trump.

One has come to realize the extent of the censorship of Speech in the USA pertaining to debate restrictions. This seems to be the reason Independent Party Presidential candidate has attempted to champion the voices of the majority of voters outside of Democratic Party domination, by running for President in the Democratic Party.

However going forward, the key will be to demand Free Speech in Presidential debates, along with other political races across the nation. If we do not demand this freedom of Speech, our elections will remain as laughable as the elections of the Former USSR in which one candidate was presented for whom to vote.



RepublicansIndependentsDemocrats%%%2020 Feb 17–283039292020 Feb 3–163339262020 Jan 16–293042272020 Jan 2–15274527

— — end of party affiliation info — —

And many of the most non-Establishment voters are in the Green Party.

**************************************As a Green Party registered voter routinely, one re-registers every 4 years into the Democratic Party to be able to cast a vote in the Democratic Primary for Bernie Sanders. One is positive one is not alone in doing so.

Lost in the fog of political corruption over several decades, is the fact that the Presidential debates were once in the capable hands of the League of Women Voters — --https://www.lwv.org/newsroom/press-releases/league-refuses-help-perpetrate-fraud----Most objectionable to the League, Neuman said, were conditions in the agreement that gave the campaigns unprecedented control over the proceedings. Neuman called “outrageous” the campaigns’ demands that they control the selection of questioners, the composition of the audience, hall access for the press and other issues.

“The campaigns’ agreement is a closed-door masterpiece,” Neuman said. “Never in the history of the League of Women Voters have two candidates’ organizations come to us with such stringent, unyielding and self-serving demands.”

Neuman said she and the League regretted that the American people have had no real opportunities to judge the presidential nominees outside of campaign-controlled environments.

— — end of lwv info — -

In other words, (paraphrase) patriarchy says, “we’ll handle it from here, little ladies” — -

https://straty.com/controlling-outcomes-controlling-table-stakes/---After studying the election process in 1985, the bipartisan National Commission on Elections recommended “turning over the sponsorship of Presidential debates to the two major parties”. The CPD was established in 1987 by the chairmen of the Democratic and Republican Parties to “take control of the Presidential debates”. The commission was staffed by members from the two parties and chaired by the heads of the Democratic and Republican parties… (wikipedia)

— -end of straty info — -

https://www.debates.org/---The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) was established in 1987 to ensure, for the benefit of the American electorate, that general election debates between or among the leading candidates for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States are a permanent part of the electoral process. CPD’s primary purpose is to sponsor and produce the quadrennial general election debates and to undertake research and educational activities relating to the debates. The organization, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) corporation, sponsored all of the presidential debates in 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016

— -end of debates info — -The Commission on Presidential Debates, replacing the League of Women Voters, controls who can debate and on which topics. They call this educating the public, others may see this as brainwashing. The CPD would profit by hearing from We The People, as to concerns about censorship. The censorship seems to have become so blatant, that petitions to the CPD have reached into the hundreds of thousands. PETITION — — -https://www.change.org/p/commission-on-presidential-debates-get-joe-rogan-to-moderate-the-2020-presidential-election/u/25040294--------Thank you all for continuing to share and support this petition. Within the last couple of days, I have composed and sent an e-mail to the Commission on Presidential Debates. The message reads as follows: — — end of change.org info — -

This also filters out any other than Democratic Establishment and Republican Establishment views. This means We The People have nothing to say in our own governance.

Consider the large number of voters who do not embrace the policies of either of the Democratic Establishment or Republican Establishment, and the fact that the Democratic Establishment and Republican Establishment have swindled the American electorate out of unbiased information directly from possible Presidential choices; often outside of the Capitalist Party D&R. Since these disgusting events in the ‘80’s, state-run/corporate-owned MSM has consistently indoctrinated We The People into accepting the falsehood that “we are a 2-Party system”. This has had the effect of rending illegitimate, the deeply legitimate tradition of free, clean, and fair elections.

In other words, politicians are now choosing their voters, rather than voters choosing their politicians.

Acting on the human frailty of ignorance combined with arrogance, and using as an example the Democratic Establishment, one recognizes what is called a Democratic Base that believes in their right to dictate to others, their voting choices.

— — -



In Solidarity With People And Nature —

www.facebook.com/gpnjbc ;; — Green Black Caucus





A Resource — www.7song.com




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