White Noise Of Coercion

White Noise Of Coercion…..

Earthjustice renders serious protection for the environment without which local community members sicken and die, and the cost of health care increases exponentially, which must be a premeditated transfer of wealth from the public sector to oligarchs, because the fact is so obvious — —


This is the reason one may access Russian Television — --https://www.rt.com/usa/404149-flint-fetal-deaths-birth-rate/ — One wonders at the devastating situations permitted in the U. S., at the same time the attention of capitalist hierarchy is captured by the notion of globalization as personified in imperialism, and the personal wealth promotion of those capitalist hierarchical oligarchs.

Why are U. S. oligarchs focusing on globalization/imperialism, when the deep danger to local U. S. communities is ongoing — —

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bill-gates-global-health-daca-ctrl-alt-del/ — Misuse as suspected by many people, of the relationship between Secretary of State Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, in gaining access to world leaders who would be motivated to pander to U. S. leaders, which may have resulted in financial gain to those U. S. leaders, which transfer of money can be hidden within shell corporations, along with the dismal state of so-called health care in the U. S., requires an unsentimental inquiry into good health care process. This, so far, has eluded U. S. oligarchs who view health care as an opportunity for institutions to earn profits (medical and insurance), rather than true prevention of disease and promotion of good health at its most natural personification.

Why are communities such as Flint, which is symbolic of that which is ubiquitous across the nation, and the double devastation in Puerto Rico of capitalistic exploitation that has bankrupted them, and followed with the hurricane damage that could conceivably be considered the result of the global warming promoted by the exploitation by industry/development, that causes the violent weather of Climate Change to which the entirety of the U. S. public has experienced.

Perhaps Bill Gates has remained ignorant about the following U. S. local-community atrocities — --http://mailchi.mp/freespeech/standing-rock-healing?e=6b4de2d551 — otherwise, Bill Gates would help local U. S. communities who are imposed upon by capitalism.

Another Sunday morning and one is grateful for the input from Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton. This time he spoke about the unfortunate abuse of the English language by Trump as he presumed to use the phrase “son of a bitch”.

Rev. Al’s message was great from the perspective of many, including a half-measure from old Feminists.

The perspective from a serious old Feminist — -

* Many women have noticed a whore/virgin model to which the under-developed male psyche clings, and too often the under-developed female psyche

* Many people recall hearing the word “bitch” used quite often as a seeming initiation into a boys club….was the offense the change to the word to include “son of a”, that which was an insult too far?

* The Sharpton discussion about the use of the term “son of a bitch” may have been elevated by inclusion of the voice of a woman

* Use of the word bitch in many enclaves seems ubiquitous and acceptable, and not restricted to use by white Presidents

* Sadly, use by the word bitch by women is especially painful, and seems to indicate a disrespect for some one attempting to ingratiate oneself with an ostensible boys club to which a servile woman may aspire

* Grappling with a virgin/whore model by a mature woman, seems counterproductive and a waste of a life

* Confidence in the Creator-bestowed integrity of women would negate this need to grapple with a model imposed by perhaps under-developed psyche of another

* Balance requires confidence in oneself that precludes the need not to offend a portion of the male population intent on presuming to male superiority while maintaining the right of female integrity

* Some old Feminists of the ‘70’s were as offended by use of the “L” word as by use of the “b” word, due to the encumbrance placed on women by the erroneous infliction of the virgin/whore model

* The Creator has given to women and men each, the integrity to be whole within themselves, acting in accordance with an engaged personal conscience

* Use of engaged personal conscience is the reason Choice is a given

— — It is important to break through the white noise of coercion — —

It’s okay, my wife is here — —




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