Joy Is Not Earned
susan gorman

Susan that was wonderful. I just adore you and ABSOLUTELY admire you and your spectacular writing. I really had so much of the same experience when my mom died. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I thank you for being you. You are Awesome and Brave LOL. I just had to say it.

I love you sweet Susan and have for such a long long time. It was so wonderful to reconnect with you and meet your sons. I was one of those people who projected my Misunderstanding onto you. I know that is human.

I also know when my mom died I was so surprised when people told me certain things like OH Jeanice you will be on the couch for months. I thought WHO THE HELL SAYS that ???? LOL I thought I work full time I can not be on the sofa for months. I said to myself I would NEVER say that to someone who has lost someone, and then there I was when people lost someone saying the same stupid shit.

I found the experience of grieving to be so much like a boat ride when I just let myself have whatever the heck feelings I had and just go with the flow it was really cool. I thank you for taking us through your new journey.

You Rock Susan G you really really do. Your Old Old friend Jeanice a.k.a. Nici (sooooooooooooooo not OLD OLD) just known you a long time hahahaha.

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