Rowboat Among Yachts

Picture being on a small island by yourself, you love your little island, of course sometimes you see other bigger islands that have more things to do, perhaps surfing or sailing, and you wonder if you’d ever be able to do fun things like that. However, when someone from the other island waves you to come over, you look at your rickety old rowboat, and you know that the waves would be too rough for you to stay afloat, so you politely wave and let them know you’re perfectly fine on your own island.

This is social anxiety, fear of never leaving but dread of going anywhere. Many different scenarios can pop into your head, you’ll look stupid in front of others, or you’ll say something embarrassing, or perhaps worse, they won’t even notice you at all. However, those aren’t the only fears one with social anxiety can have, it’s just the entire environment of a social setting, feeling out of place, a rowboat among yachts.

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