Warrior Moms: a poem for Mother’s Day

There is much to being a Warrior Mom.

But YOU have stepped up, you put on the armor, you will take it off when you need to and you will embrace the battles that CONNECT you to the children of your heart. This is for you…♥

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Adoption Toolbox Followers & Warrior Parents: As our children grow they need us more than ever. We might be tempted to keep the shield (and sword!) at arm’s reach, but our tweens, teens and young adults need us without armor…we need to be brave and strong enough to be open and vulnerable. We need to support our children’s quests, and bless our children’s decisions. The battles we face as our children age up may be battles within ourselves and with our need to ‘protect’ (and protect ourselves!). Our greatest gift to our babies may not be protection, but understanding — and our unfailing love in a complex, sometimes painful triad.

This is what I mean:

Interchangeable, Replaceable: A Reality for Adoptees? by Maureen McCauley Evans

“I didn’t need my biological mother — I just needed a mother” by Mila

There is much to being a Warrior Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day,