Ye gods I feel old.

Nader Khalili (peace be upon him) was tackling these questions and more in for NASA in 1984. If you get a chance to check out his innovative, eye-catching, thermally- and frugally-responsive SuperAdobe buildings at , you will not regret your time spent in Hesperia, California.

Regular earth people who want a place to live have been building earthbag buildings for decades now in places like Moab, Utah (1993)…

Austin, Texas (2008)…

and for readers outside of the U.S. who want a firsthand look, here’s an international roundup of more SuperAdobe buildings:

Dig deeper, y’all @Medium and How We Get To Next! You’re off to a good start. Try to remember the metaresearch, and whether or not someone is claiming to have newly invented the wheel.

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