echos in the wind.

you are the red in my blood, the rebel in my heart.

under these stars

you are the crisp in the air. The kind of rainy day dewy scent that is hard not to love.

you are the precedent of my favourites. I did not have a favourite colour until you said how you occasionally like blue. Now I see them in every little thing. I could probably live in it.

you are the mint aftertaste of a quiet night cigarette. As we watch the world goes by through that ash-bitter smokescreen, I wonder if time could just slow down for today. Cruel is the universe when time is a relative measurement of distance.

you are the reflection of my midnight monologue. I never shared too much of my own thoughts to anyone yet I started seeing them in you; as if we were a distant memory from my current self.

you are the glitch in my system I don’t ever want to fix. I had been reserve in all my relationships. Yet, I did everything I usually would not do when I’m with you. I find myself filled with an unfamiliar happiness glazed in your touch.

you are the gem I could not keep, so I kept pieces of you in between these humming lyrics and between the seats on every bus rides we took. Perhaps some in the ashtray with every cigarette we shared to the 3AM nudge from the midnight text.

goodnight, love. I miss you like rainfall in a silent night.