Back from Peter Thiel Foundation Summit 2014 in Las Vegas

Peter Thiel signing my edition of “Zero to One”

Hi you ! …….

I have been writing articles, notes, ideas and insights almost every day of my life for more than 3 years and I finally decided to start to share them… Simply because my lawyer asked me to share blog articles i was writing because it would help get my new visa in the USA… So if you enjoy this, you can thank my lawyer because i have been whether shy or whether think was not good enough or whether i was lazy and was focusing on exploring more or building more out of life.

Its 13:45:28 monday “morning”, 17 November 2014 and I slowly emerged from my two day sweaty trip to Las Vegas ! Sweaty? I would say surprising, unexpected, learning at the fullest and out of the box.

I just opened my computer to be back in my daily advance to my exciting project — being a lifestyle entrepreneur with a triple bottom life objective. And guess what page is the first to show up? — — — — →

“Ahahahah” tired and amused came out of my month! Indeed, it remembered me how impulsive the decision to leave and fly to Las Vegas for this fulfilling event was.

A good decision? Yeah baby, And I am going to tell you the 4 main learning outcomes:

1) There is no age to succeed, pursue your goals and find what you want to achieve. Especially, it can and should be a learning process throughout your life journey. You are never too young or too old to start a new company or become who you have always dreamt to be. For example, I met my friend who at 14 was working on a machine that was transforming carbon dioxide into the electric energy that would be accumulated into a battery, ready to use and charge your phone. How crazy is that?

2) When you want something and you believe in it you can get it even in very extreme situation. When I came there I had no bags, no accommodation and no flight to get back.

3) Book I bought at the airport. Humility and life purpose early on. Travel is the best education, expose yourself to as many source of knowledge and cultural difference as possible is probably one of the best way to discover your inner path

Me in the Learning Village of Down Town Las Vegas

4) I met some super interesting people and learn about the newest technologies being worked on. It told me that we are way further the innovation and technological curve that most people actually think we are.

- Blood wearable. A small chip that would be in your skin and tell you in real time what the state of your blood was.

- Battery cleaning the air from carbon dioxide.

- YouTube stars. People making living just out of talking on You Tube at 16.

- Eye driven wheel chair.

- Tinder of real estate.

To end up this article, this trip is one step further towards my ultimate goal: Being able to educate my kids at their younger age , having a fulfilling family life which bring happiness to each member: wife , kids , surroundings (grands parents, ..) , and me.

Before this trip it was only to: Live lifestyle entrepreneur pursuing financial freedom and triple bottom line which allow to be sustainable ( financially and health), travel and learn.

Downtown Project Container Park — Burning Man art at the entrance spiting fire

And remember that a long journey start with a single step, what is your next step to discover your life purpose? Share it with me and maybe other readers from this article or I can help you to decide on what could be your next single step towards a fulfilling life.