Grandparents Education: “An hybrid model to create wiser adults.”

Selfie with Mamy Gisele (As we say in french) in Laneffe on Sunday 21 February 2016 looking at previous family pictures.

Context of the thoughts

After spending almost 2 years focusing on building businesses, getting an education and travelling the world, I finally spend some time with the people to who, I almost owe everything; beyond the fact they greatly raised me and inculcated me great values, they also taught me the science of achievement, hospitality, music, humour and travel. So I spent the weekend with the now famous Mamy Gisele, we went for shopping, listened to music, talked a lot and watched some of those pictures albums that you can see in the picture.

AHA Moment

Before to sleep my grandmother is coming up in my room to turn on the heater and give me some water, she was talking about life and out of nowhere I have this simple thought in my mind (You know the little voice in your head talking to you sometimes while you are supposed to listen to the person talking to you? -YES? -Exactly that one ;) ) : “When I hear you talking Mamy, I am so grateful for you to have contributed to my education, I recognised so many of my values, way of thinking and acting while listen to you. WHAT IF the secret to some of the great choices and skills I got in life was actually coming from the simple fact that I spent most of childhood between my 4 grandparents?! WHAT IF transgenerational education was a way better way than the now conventional parents-children model of being educated? WHAT IF again the now accepted model to raise children was not the right one and everything we have accepted as normal was not optimal?” Of course, you will tell me that your grandparents are already taking care of you on Wednesday afternoon and I am talking about:

“An hybrid model to create wiser adults. “

Here are reasons why grandparents are better prepared to educate your children than you, future, actual or (hopefully not) ex parents (Some humour never killed nobody :) )

  1. Grandparents have simply more time. They are not busy anymore building their empire, making a living, maintaining their couple, or working their ass off to pay the bills. I am sure the most dynamic grandparents are still very busy. I would like to emphasise that they are less stressed and they already made most of their pressured years. Moreover, caregiver less stress will make less stress children.
  2. Grandparents have more experience. They have whether themselves educated or helped to educate children and/or have seen how to properly educate one child. They have that knowledge that make sure the education experience is optimal. I am not diminishing the importance of parents but this is just a fact. The older you grow, the more experience you have and the more wisdoms you can share to your descendants.
  3. More stimulus your child is getting the smarter he is becoming. According to studies, it has been proven that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by 5 years old. In order to optimise his brain development, you have to create an environment in which he or she would interact as much as possible. As a consequence of grandparents having more time, the child will get more stimulus. Also, you have in general 4 grandparents while being young so it will add 4 different loving loving and caring personalities to interact with the little genius to become.

Optimising the education of your children should be one of your priority as the responsibility of your descendants is on their shoulders and I believe that getting your child as many interactions with loving and caring people like their grandparents is an easy, yet significant step to ensure them a bright future.