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“Unlimited Power” from Anthony Robbins — Book report

This is another great piece of work I have written in the past. The fun fact is that I wrote it in 1st year of Business School during my bachelor in art of business at the United Business Institutes in Brussels. I entered the school and I could barely talk and write in English but the dean trusted me and I ended up in BA3 with a first class degree/cum laude. So, please, apologize the “not so good” English but rather focus on the content. This book is the one that have had probably THE MOST POSITIVE IMPACT on my life. It helped me to forget my girl friends, to build new skills, to dream big, set high goals and actually achieve them. It is not that I didn’t have the abilities but this book gave me confidence and explained me HOW TO USE MY BRAIN. Please read this and feel free to upgrade what you have in between your hears. (if you want to… ahah) Shout to DIRK DAENEN again, my communication teacher who made me do this assignment for which I actually got the highest grade in the classroom as far as I remember. (Don’t worry, it was just for this one…) I would recommend anyone to read this book! Life changing…


The first time I have known Anthony Robbins existed, I read about him on Face Book. I had subscribed to a group called “The positive minute of the day”, led by Frederic Lilienfeld (Mr Nobody). He sent to subscribed people an inbox everyday with some positive quotation about life, how you can make your life better, and so on. He regularly invited us to conferences about the power of the positive thought, led by Anthony Robbins. That is why, when I saw the name of Anthony Robbins in the booklist Mr Daenen proposed us I directly thought it was a good idea to read one of his book. I proposed it to my colleagues and they were agreed. What made this man so famous in the field of the thought’s power? In this report, I am going to summarize “Unlimited Power”, the book I read, then I am going to do a constructive and a personal, evaluation and reflection about the book, and I will finally go for my conclusion.

Pictures’ sources: / How I learned about Tony Robbins. Facebook rocks again!

1) Book’s table of contents

Section I: The Modelling of Human Excellence

1. The commodity of kings

2. The Difference that Makes the Difference

3. The Power of State

4. The Birth of Excellence: Belief

5. The Seven Lies of Success

6. Mastering Your Mind How to Run Your Brain

7. The Syntax of Success

8. How to Elicit Someone’s Strategy

9. Physiology: The Avenue of Excellence

10. Energy: The Fuel of Excellence

Section II: The Ultimate Success Formula

11. Limitation Disengage: What Do You Want?

12. The Power of Precision

13. The Magic of Rapport

14. Distinction of Excellence: Metaprograms

15. How to Handle Resistance and Solve Problems

16. Reframing: The Power of Perspective

17. Anchoring Yourself to Success

Section III: Leadership: The Challenge of Excellence

18. Value Hierarchies: The Ultimate Judgment of Success

19. The Five Keys to Wealth and Happiness

20. Trend Creation: The Power of Persuasion

21. Living Excellence: The Human Challenge

2) Summary of the book

In two words, this book is all about producing results. You create and decide the feeling you want to have. It explains why you wish you would be successful; for example to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition.

Communication is power

The common thread of successful people is the power, which the ability to act. Every communication we make is an action, so communication is power. Your level of communication mastery will determine your level of success with others, personally, emotionally, socially and financially. Human communication exists in two basic forms: external and internal. External communication is the way you communicate to others through your words, tone, gestures, posture and facial expressions. Your success in society depends upon how well you communicate externally. On the other hand, internal communication combines your internal dialogue with the images you conjure in your mind. Feeling happy, sad, excited or depressed is the direct result of the way you communicate with yourself.

The Ultimate Success Formula

Anthony Robbins explains us the Ultimate Success Formula which is composed first of Target what we want, then of the Action to take, then to Determine the Response and finally of Adapt and Change until Desired Result is Achieved.

7 traits to succeed

The author also resume us the seven fundamentals character traits to succeed. (Passion, Belief, Strategy, Clarity of Values, Energy, Bonding Power and Mastery of Communication)


He is explaining the importance of modelling. People have to find models of personal excellence. Then they have to adopt actions and beliefs that produce similar results. For example, if overweight, see fit people, reproduce their actions, and you will become fit.

Neuro Linguistical Programming

Mr Robbins explain us what is the Neuro Linguistical Programming. This is the study of human neurology, so you can analyse and duplicate your successes


The book also explains the importance of having beliefs. Beliefs can make anybody doing anything. For example, see which influence the beliefs of the religions made on the world, with all wars it made. One man that has one belief has the power of 99 men with only interests.

When I was reading I paid attention to the case of an old man that stays alive with the belief that he can play music. Before he sat at his piano he was without energy, almost dying, but when he stood up out of his piano, after playing few songs he was full of energy.

The placebo effect is the perfect example of the beliefs’ power. For example, in an experience a doctor took 40 people that had an ulcer. He gave to all of them a pill without effect. He said to 20 of them that is a new medicine that fight against ulcers and to the 20 others he said that they are not sure of the effect. In the first group, 70% of them repairs, and in the second group only 25% of them repairs. It shows the power of the beliefs on the body. “They can because they think they can” Virgile. Our beliefs are most of the time given out of our environment.

However, we can change our beliefs system and have other beliefs at any time of our life. The best stuff to do, to make sure you are able to do something, for example, is to do it once. After it will be easier to do it. Because you will have the belief you can do that. Not that you are getting smarter, stronger or quicker but you are empowered that you can do that. A key aspect about the book is that we can control our beliefs, we can control the way we model others, we can consciously direct our life, and we can change! Modelling excellence begins with modelling beliefs.

Beliefs are call lies not because of dishonesty or deceitful but because they are not necessarily true. However, we have to belief in something to reach our goals. Our beliefs are the way we run our brain. This is the software for the hardware. To model excellence, we have to model the beliefs of excellence.

7 Lies/Beliefs to success

#1 Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us.

We have to stay positive in any situations. We always have to look for opportunities and possibilities even in the worst situation. We have get a failure we have think what where our mistakes and take profit from it instead of crushing black and loose control.

#2 There is no such thing as failure, there is only results.

#3 Whatever happens, take responsibility. By retaining responsibility, you retain to change the result you produce.

#4 It’s not necessary to understand everything to be able to use everything.

It is true that it is important to know what you just need to know to make something working. Otherwise you will surcharge your brain with all bunch of useless information. Moreover you would loose time to study how everything is working.

#5 People are your greatest resource.

One man alone, even as brilliant as he can be, can’t be better than a great team. That is why, the ones that are the most successful are those who can ask the best to other: “How can we be better?”, “How can we fix it?” and “How can we produce better results”.

Knowing what is your place in a team, and knowing how can we interact better with other people is crucial. That is why the communication class is one of the most important lessons in UBI. ;-)

#6 Work is play.

“The key of success if the make your vocation, your vacation”. Mark Twain. That is what successful people make to achieve excellence.

#7 There is no abiding success without commitment.

You have to have a great commitment into something to succeed in it. You have to invest yourself in it. To train harder. to want to succeed. In this way you will get more out of you skills.

Successful people are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed. However they always respect other people.

Think Positive

We have to be in control of our mind at any moment in order to change our states, our actions and thus the results it will produce in our body. To change negative memories into positives memories we have to remember it and think it as something positive and you will less or no more suffer from it. It is all about our internal representations. Shakespeare said: “ There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. Indeed you can see any experiences bad or good, in different way, bigger or smaller or even make it disappear of the world and your feeling about that experience would automatically change. You have to speak differently to you if you want to change.

Control your brain

The slingshot swish pattern is the strategy to change a behaviour we don’t like in ourselves. It creates a new, positive internal representation by linking two representations and switching them.

We know now that the most powerful tool that exists on the planet to achieve our goals is our brain, this bio-compute. Properly run our brain can make the life greater than any other dreams we ever thought about.

Setting Goals

We don’t have to put limit on our goals. However we have to precisely define them. We have to make a list with our goals, set the priorities and then make a plan how we are going to achieve it. We have to feel what we will feel when achieving that goal. In order to achieve goals faster and more efficiently we have to find model of successful people that pursue the same target as we do.

Learn how to ask for what you want

- Ask specifically.

- Ask someone who can help you.

- Create value for the person you’re asking.

- Ask with focused, congruent belief.

- Ask until you get what you want.

Building rapport

You can create rapport with somebody you just met very quickly by matching his or her expressions, gestures, and voice tones. If you want to elicit a person’s strategy you have to ask the right questions in order to gather clues on how his mind is working. In this way, it is possible to model anybody from whom you would like to duplicate the success.

Five keys to wealth and happiness

You have to pass over four obstacles that are: frustration, rejection, financial pressure and complacency and then you have to remember that it is essential to give more than you expect to receive. To realize your life dreams and goals, you must know how to give.


6) Personal and constructive, reflection and evaluation

It gave me the want to implement in my life several tools Robbins explained. The two first things I would like to implement in my life of every day is to remember communication is the master tool to arrive at our ends and the other is to keep going, adapt and change until the desired result is achieved.


Robbins gave several exercises to do when reading the book. For example, one of the exercises was to list some belief that limited me in the past. Then, list positive beliefs than can lead me to my higher objectives.

29 April 2014:

Limit me in the past:

The situation I lived with my ex girl friend is unfair

That guy is lazy and dishonest

I can’t build something if I do hospitality management

My parents wants to limit me

My grand parents want me to stay always with them

Lead to higher objective

I need to live more experiences

I will achieve my stock and choose better my partners

I will build something related to hospitality

My parents want the best for me

My grand parents have always been there for , they required some kindness

Key beliefs that limited me in the past:

- This group of people doesn’t like me.

- I don’t want to fail this tennis match.

- I don’t want to loose the ball.

- She doesn’t care about me, doesn’t want to go out with me.

- I will not have the time to read this book.

Beliefs that can now serve to support you in achieving my highest goals:

- I have the power to be loved by any body. I am as a magnet.

- I have an incredible physical condition.

- I have the sense of the game. I am the best of my soccer team.

- I am going to find the opportunity to do business and make a lot of money.

- I have a luxurious hotel where everybody wants to go for his holiday.

- I play an excellent tennis.

When I made this exercise I realized that the negatives beliefs I had happened to me because I thought about that. I was scared of it; I thought enough about it that it happened to me. However when I think about the positive beliefs I feel full of energy and I think about a lot of think I could do so that it happens to me.

Now I will think, everyday about what beliefs that can drive me higher are, in order to achieve it. I will figure out what are me deepest beliefs that can drive me ahead and highest in my life.


What are my biggest so-called failures? Which was finally my most valuable story. What did I learn from them?

-My relationship with my last girl friend. I spent great moment, I learned from them but I also teach her some stuff. I still have a ‘good’ relation with her. I learned to be a soft decision maker with girls. I learned that distance relation is not a plan. I invested a lot in this relation.

–I was not taken in the beginning team at the Olympic of Charleroi in soccer. I learned that I have to focus on two or three stuff maximum as activities in my life, otherwise I can’t do everything well.

-I lost one good friend. I learned that I don’t have to go out with my friends’ girl friend. Moreover I have to respect myself also in friendship.

That is amazing how a book can influence the behavior of someone. It forces me to see the positive in each situation. I used to do that but not as much as since I read this book. Every situation has a side from which we can benefit of that situation. We just have to think differently, in different manners, to turn around our point of views, see how we can interpret something differently in a way that can benefit us. I want also want to remember from this book that there are no such things as failures but only results. When you think like this you can just learn from results you did not want, adapt yourself, in order that, that result will never happen again.


I found the 7 beliefs of success very interesting and I realized that I implemented some of them naturally. Such as “Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us”. I have naturally this belief and I don’t consider stuff as a failure but as results. Except for my last relationship, which is very recent I had to search to find the other ‘failures’. When there is a ‘bad’ outcome I see it as a result of something where I did wrong and not as something I failed. When I focus on something I always do it right and when I ‘fail’ something, that is because I made too much stuff at the same time or I was not giving too much attention to it.

There is no such thing as failure, there is only results; I also have naturally this belief. We can say that is in the family. I always hope for the best and keep hopes. Sometimes that can irritate negative people and they say that I am lucky. However, I am sure that “lucky” stuff can happen to any body that never give up and keep going until it works. In my opinion, stay positive is a key point for a successful life, because everything happens for a reason and purpose. You can take benefit of any situation. We just have to think about it, sometimes. How can I take benefit of that situation?

This is a personal example of the belief’s power: Last winter, I was skiing in Cervinia with some of my mothers’ friends and I lost my sunglasses on a ski track. I did not realize that until I was at the end of the track. I did the track again and again until I found it in the snow. Some people would say I am lucky, but I found it because I had the BELIEF that I was going to find it. Stupid but clear example of the influence of staying positive.

When reading the sentence in the book, “We don’t know how life really is. We only know how we represent it to ourselves”. It took me 5 seconds to realize it and it changed my vision that we can do whatever we want at the condition you respect other people. You can speak to whomever about whatever until you respect others.

People are your greatest resource

What I also would like to implement in my life is that there is not such things as strong as a team. However you have to choose good members of your teams. People that would never let you go down but only people that would improve you. In every part of my life, as friendships, relationships, business teams…


When I played lot of tennis, between my 10th and 15th birthday, I used to observe many players at television as well during tournament that I found played good tennis. I looked with precision at their gestures, they preparations, how they move on the field, and many other things in order to duplicate it and hopefully improve my own way of playing tennis. I was watching at successful players in order to become successful. Sometimes, it worked well.

I still do the same for soccer. When I am watching a soccer match I pay attention to players that play central-defender to see how I can improve my positions, how I give the ball to middle fielders or strikers, how I can go ahead with the ball, and so on. All of this is part of the process that Robbins calls modeling


3) Conclusion

Anthony Robbins has made his success from his communication. His internal and external communications are so powerful that he became a guru of the communication. He is teaching to other people how they have to communicate with themselves, for them to do what they want to achieve or even is some more critical cases to save relationships, jobs, or even lives. He literally changed the life of some people by using the techniques he explained in the book such as: The seven lies of success, The Neuro Linguistical Programming, The Switch Pattern, Modeling, and so on. That I explained in my report.

“Anthony Robbins has proved to millions through his books, tapes, and seminars that by harnessing the power of the mind you can do, have, achieve, and create anything you want for your life. He has shown heads of state, royalty, Olympic and professional athletes, movie stars, and children how to achieve. With Unlimited Power, he passionately and eloquently reveals the science of personal achievement and teaches you:

How to find out what you really want

The Seven Lies of Success

How to reprogram your mind in minutes to eliminate fears and phobias

The secrete of creating instant rapport with anyone you meet

How to duplicate the success of others

The five keys to wealth and happiness”[1]

“Nothing has any meaning except the meaning we give it.” (Anthony Robbins)

4) Bibliography

Robbins, Anthony. Unlimited Power . New York : n.p., 1986. N. pag. Print.



[1] Robbins, Anthony. Unlimited Power . New York : n.p., 1986. Fourth page. Print.