Wake up from the day after THE day — A year of trials and errors.

Graduation day in August 2015, just the day before I wrote this article

I feel a little nostalgic after such an incredible year ! So many great people met on the road, and knowing that the chance you are not going to see some of them again before a long time, has created a lot of mixed emotions in my body. It’s definitely the right moment to reflect on this last year, and get your own lessons out of it. I insist on the “OWN” because we all live our life at differents stages of your spiritual growth, business development and overall emancipation.

#Wisdom 1 — Writing what you learn is a great first step toward long term growth but if you don’t stick to it and do the same mistake again, there is no point in investing time to write it.

#Wisdom 2- Time is your most valuable asset. Your own self at 22, 24 or 26 will never exist ever again. Invest your time in a way that your future self will thank you for. Work on your own project, try and try again. Get experience!

#Wisdom 3- Don’t be your own worst enemy — Its not because you have a certain ability that you should bet everything and use it at anytime! Use your skills as cards in your game and pull them out only when its really needed! Don’t over use your talents, make choices and assess the best moment to hit harder. You will surprise your peers and your impact will be greater ! In my example, I am very persuasive and I most of the time could get what I wanted but I started to consider not getting what I want as a failure. Actually it was a good thing! I only realize it later…. Learning to persuade someone when its really needed instead of just going to “win the game” is a better idea.

With my friends MSE from Asia, fantastic friends!

#Wisdom 4- We are friends without border. Your friends are like shining stars , there are not always there, but will always shine for you !

#Wisdom 5- This year should just give us more energy to create a better future for ourselves! Strive to reach higher peak in your life…. This is only the beginning of something greater ! Having a blast should be all our life !

#Wisdom 6- The power of saying no. It will bring you closer from what you really want !

#Wisdom 7- Have a spiritual life! Have your own beliefs or follow a religion and that will keep you straight ! Because if you don’t know where you are going its less likely that you will get there !

#Wisdom 8- Choose what you want to do and stick to it because the universe will conspire to help you to do it. So never give up and be patient! Be resilient!

#Wisdom 9- Your body is your tool for life! Take care of it and it will take care of you. Do sport everyday, eat well, sleep well!

#Widsom 10- Don’t listen to other people critics, do what you feel is right for you.

#Wisdom 11- The world is political so be ready to be strong!

#Wisdom 12- You don’t need to excel at whatever you do but you need to know what you want and how you gonna get there.

#Wisdom 13- Most people will put their own self-interests first .

#Wisdom 14- Most people are negative and complain, that is where you need to be strong and keep your positive energy. Keep your positivity centered and don’t lose time and energy on people who will complain anyway whatever is happening!

#Wisdom 16- Regulate your inputs for better outputs!

#Wisdom 15- Don’t do too much! You won’t absorb or process half of what you do. Retain 3 things out of 3 is better than 2 out of 10 for what you have learned over 1 week for example. Less is more! Quality over quantity!#Wisdom 16- Regulate your inputs for better outputs!

#Wsdom 17- Opportunities are like trains. You often get only one chance to jump in it but they are coming all the times! Be ready to spot opportunities and recognize them. Luck is where hard work meet opportunities.

#Wisdom 18- Don’t be inferior to yourself. Live up to the maximum of your potential !

My multi cultural awesome classmates from MSE!

#Widsom 19- Time to establish yourself as a though leader, show how skillfull you are and start a business!

#Widsom 20- Build systems and get maximum leverage by detaching your time out of your activities.

#Widsom 21- Travel as much as you want but pick well who you go with and your destination!

#Widsom 22- Build your network, i am not talking about getting business cards from random people. Make long lasting friendship with like minded positive people.

#Wisdom 23- Write !

With love,