Dart has more packages than Flutter in Mobile development. Let’s learn them here!

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Dart can get information about the Operating System (OS).

  • SysInfo.operatingSystemName : shows the Operating Systems Name
  • SysInfo.userName : User name

2. Path

It helps manipulating folder & file path

  • path package is very useful because every Operating system has different path delimiter
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3. string_scanner

This package exposes a StringScanner type that makes it easy to parse a string using a series of Patterns. For example:crypto

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4. crypto

Cryptographic hashing functions for Dart
A set of cryptographic hashing functions implemented in pure Dart

To hash a list of bytes, invoke the convert method on the sha1, sha256 or md5 objects. …

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This article assumes you know a little bit about the basics of Dart, like how to set up classes and their instance fields and methods. There are also some constraints and improvements we could add to this app, discussed in the Limitations and Improvements section.

Topics covered in this article are:

  • Composing basic app setup (public class, constructor, etc.)
  • Creating basic mathematical functions in Dart
  • Receive input from User
  • Conditionals and switch statements
  • The basics of typecasting
  • Implementing recursion

You can follow along with the repo here:


Setting up the Basics

This app gets input from a user, and we’ll need the Stdin class to accept this input. …

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When we talk about emulators, we mainly expect to talk about “Android Studio”, personally I don’t like Android Studio because I find it heavy and slow under my computer which makes me less productive.

Funnily enough, I don’t think I’m the only one, if you agree, please feel free to applaud this article 😅️.

for a long time I started looking for a better alternative and bingo I found “Genymotion” 💌️.
It is lighter and more powerful than Android Studio Emulators

You can download it for free on this link and follow all the installation process, sorry guys it’s not the purpose of this article show you how to install Genymotion Desktop…

Lubumbashi is a city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Saturday, Oct 12, 2019

MLH? 🤔

MLH’s Local Hack Day, a global hackathon, is a celebration of learning, building, and sharing! This is the fifth year that MLH is organizing the local hacking day.

Heroes 🦸‍♀️

The MLH Local Hack Day at Esis Salama (my University 🏫) has been successfully organized and this is the first time this is happening in the DRC 🇨🇩. This is an initiative of a group of student volunteers ( Jean Luc Kabulu “ Developer Student Clubs Lead ”, Dan Kyungu “ Microsoft student partner Lead”, Eric Ampire “Kotlin Lubumbashi User Group Lead” , Nathan Bangwa “Microsoft student partner”, and with great support from a teacher: Eddysha Jabulani “Microsoft Certified Trainer) to help people to learn to program by creating useful micro-products. The motto is — Build to learn and learn to build. …

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I do not speak well English, my default language is French, so if there are small mistakes, let me know …

Dart 🐦?

Dart (originally called Dash4) is a web programming language developed by Google. Its original purpose is to replace JavaScript to become the new lingua franca of web development, however, the current focus of developers is that Dart code can be converted to JavaScript code compatible with all modern browsers, as well as multi-application development.

Dart can also be used for server-side programming as well as mobile application development (via the Flutter API).

And we will have to know that Dart has a long history … It was already almost dead and Flutter made he resuscitate from…

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On me demande souvent pourquoi je n’utilise pas les vues basées sur les classes plus fréquemment. Alors j’ai pensé à partager mes pensées sur ce sujet.

Avant de lire, gardez cela à l’esprit: les vues basées sur les classes ne remplacent pas les vues basées sur les fonctions.


Je ne suis pas un développeur Django de la vieille école qui l’utilisait lorsqu’il n’y avait que des vues fonctionnelles et observait la publication des vues basées sur les classes. Mais il fut un temps où seules les vues basées sur les fonctions existaient.

Je suppose qu’il n’a pas fallu longtemps avant que toutes sortes de solutions et de hacks soient créées pour étendre et réutiliser les vues, les rendre plus génériques. …

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Dans cet article, je souhaite explorer certains des concepts de base de Django, en mettant en place une application Web minimale pour mieux comprendre le fonctionnement de Django sous le capot.

Un important avertissement avant de commencer, ce n’est pas un tutoriel sur la façon de démarrer une application Django, c’est plus une expérience exploratoire à des fins d’apprentissage.


Si vous lisez cet article, il y a de fortes chances que vous sachiez déjà que Django est un framework Web écrit en Python. Mais c’est une définition abstraite. En pratique, Django est un paquet Python qui réside dans le répertoire site-packages de votre installation Python actuelle. …


Jean Luc Kabulu

Developer Student Club Lead |Flutter Lubumbashi lead|Github Campus Expert | FullStack Devs, And Proudly

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