The technology we take for granted

It just occurred to me, the technology we take for granted. I’m not talking about the sun, the air and the soil we stand on. Just now, I’ve been watching things on YouTube for the last hour, without thinking about what i’m really using.

So here is my list of things I think we could think about a bit more when we use them. Just a bit more, to realize how awesome all that stuff really is!

  • YouTube, unlimited acces to videos and ability to learn everything..e-ve-ry-thing!
  • Smartphones, connect to the world from everywhere!
  • Apps, want [X}? There’s an app for that!
  • 4G coverage, faster internet than most of the world has at the palm of your hand!
  • Facebook, connect to people all over the world..or people you’ve lost years ago
  • Push messages, information instantly delivered
  • Touchscreens, type, swipe, watch, game, chat, code, share, just by touching a glass plate
  • Streaming music, every song ever made at your fingertips
  • Same day delivery, have what you want delivered to your door within hours
  • AirPlay / Chromecasts, beam video and music to a big screen, from your phone
  • Google Maps, know where you and where to go, are all over the world
  • Ordering food online, hungry? Click, eat!
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, create just about everything you want.
  • Virtual Reality, put some cardboard on your phone and be on the moon
  • “The cloud”, grab any device, have everything there when you pick it up
  • Siri/Google Now/Cortana, get instant answers by talking to a screen
  • Knowing online privacy is a lie, Edward Snowden gave up his freedom for this one

This list could go on an on for a while….What technology would you need to be a little more grateful for? Let me know!

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