The Real Story of Automation Beginning with One Simple Chart
Scott Santens

I do love this article. I am very scared for the future. My dad worked on a oil rig and god layed off when the oil prices went down — now he works on other tugboats. But I fear one day a robot will replace him. What’s Ironic is that I am majoring in computer engineering, and I want to make robots to take peoples jobs as well. The future is going to be increasingly divided, in terms of capital accumulation, facts vs fake news, and a bunch of other stuff. You are right my friend — lets hope we get our act together. Maybe people will get off their moral high horse of calling out republicans for racism and other trite things — and see that the rural working class wanted a president that gave them exactly what they yearned for — a return to great jobs and economic stability of the past. Maybe we will all learn before it’s to late. If not — hopefully we don’t end up living in the new Gilded Age. Or are we already in one now? Something to think about.