Canada Post unveils newest stamp to their special Lunar Year collection

2017 is the year of the rooster, and its stamp shines with gold accents and bold red colours.

New stamp released on January 9th, 2017 representing the year of the Rooster. (Photo: Canada Post)

Canada Post has introduced a new stamp to celebrate the year of the Rooster. Being the ninth installment in its series aiming to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

This year’s edition of the stamp was unveiled on Monday at a ceremony in Vancouver.

The stamp collection looks to honor the rich culture and history shared by China and Canada, especially for those of Chinese descent going far back into Canada’s history.

The year of the Rooster and Lunar New Year will arrive on January 28th and the stamp is available for purchase over the next two years, or until supply runs out.

For the Asian Canadian community, the stamp means more than just a way to mail a parcel.

“How many pictures of the queen can you release, right?” said James Lai, a faculty member of NSCC’s school of Engineering Technology. “It’s a great non-political way to show the diverse people and culture in the country. It’s a good thing.”

This marks the 20th consecutive year Canada post has released a stamp to mark the event, and are in the 9th year of a 12 year cycle.

“The Lunar New Year for Canada, and Chinese Canadians and for stamp collectors is very important,” said Jim Phillips, the Director of Stamp Services for Canada Post. “It’s perhaps the biggest celebration in the Chinese peoples calendar of celebrations.”

The colors on the stamp are what truly make them stand out. With bright gold accents and a bold red, they are truly a work of art.

This year’s New Year stamp is full of other surprises too, being that it is the 150th anniversary of Canada’s founding; every individual stamp they produce will have a hidden “150” symbol somewhere blended in.

The stamp was designed by Paprika, a graphic design firm based in downtown in Montreal.

“All I can say is that it’s going to be super popular by early indications yesterday and online sales and the mail order yesterday,” said Phillips. “Seems to be a very popular design.”

According to the Chinese Zodiac, those born under the rooster sign are honest, courageous and confident. They are also marked for success, they achieve their goals through a combination of wit, charm and hard work.

The stamps can be bought in booklets of 10 and panes of 25 at all post-offices in Canada or online by visiting Canada Post’s website.

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