Government approved narrative

Government approved narrative

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Take back the control of your narrative! It is an imperative that will change your live but easier said than done. We do no perceive, most of the time, that the State has a tight grasp on what sort of relationship we have with other people, objects, institutions, practices. Hobbes legitimize it by attributing some sort of trade in the process. The government controls the narrative so it can protect you physically. That is the social contract.

But protecting people physically is a service not worthy waiving our share of the narrative, all of it. It is a silly argument to make though to say that if do not have the control of your own life’s story then living has no meaning. Of course it has immense meaning even when we do not control the narrative. What I am really saying the price we pay to protect our physical existence is inflated.

Without our physical existence these other structures don’t work. They require our bodies to be functional in other to carry on whatever directive they have to complete. The ill effect of waiving our narratives, at least the part of the narrative that is significant, we give control of our physical existence for the super institutions to do whatever they want to do.

How much do you think your life is worthy? Not to yourself, of course. That is the problem. When the idea of the social contract emerge as the perfect justification for the State, we valued our lives the highest value it could be attributed and we paid accordingly. There is an economical argument to abolish the idea of the sanctity of life so we can appropriately evaluate the cost of health care, for instance. But I think it is also a social argument to made because we will be able to assess if waiving our narrative is worth it or we could perhaps pay with money, labour, or something else. As is, narrative encompass almost the entirety of the value we can pay and we are giving it away not for much while boosting the control on the other side of the bargain.

We are basically being ripped off.

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