My First Blog…Finally!

A Blog About A First Blog.

Being a millennial I have always wanted to join the tech world of blogging/vlogging. I cannot lie; I stalk the hipster kids Tumblr, and I am subscribed to all the latest YouTube channels. I spend hours watching and reading what people have to say about everyday things. YouTube users get sent paychecks for having their videos watched. It’s time I start my own channel, create my own following, be my own like on Instagram.

Overall, blogging looks easy; join a platform, and begin to exercise the second amendment. I frequently enjoy reading blogs that recap big awards; such as the Grammy’s, or the BET awards, but those blogs belong to the seasoned veterans of the blog-osphere. For blog newbies, like myself, writing about topics of interest or lifestyle choices seems to be a good start. I could bore you about my veganism; give you my spiel on saving the world. We could copy the other blogs of 2017, and discuss politics for the millionth time.

Or I stay true to my millennial heart; creating a blog that reflects my individual style of thinking and writing. My feelings will by my guide, not the latest trend, #hashtag, or wave. I plan to write whatever comes freely, never forcing a topic in one direction. And then I realize that I just wrote my first blog!