“WEEK 10"

May 17 , 2016 at 1:53 AM

I received no reasons, received no messages, you suddenly left me without saying any words except of “Goodnight”. It’s been 4 months since we stopped talking and I got no guts to message you first. I miss talking to you.

I remember when we gave each other foods, when you sang a song that will make me laugh because of your hoarse voice, when you told me a story about your life experiences, when you call me by my nickname, and when you make a jokes that is not really a joke but still funny.

You don’t know how much I miss you


I’m so nervous about the results of my report card. My mother forgot to get my report card because she’s really busy working. I’m really nervous and negative. I don’t want to expect too much because what if it’s low? or what if I got 85 below in every subject? If I got 85 and below, I would be lazy to study and I would think negative. I hope I got a chance to join the 11 honors, it’s my goal really, but I don’t want to expect because I don’t want to get hurt at the end.

It motivates me when I got high grades, it makes me down when I got low grades.

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