“So yeah…”

I just spent an hour trying to figure out the reason of my sadness. Thanks to this guy who helped me to figure it out (you know who you are hehe). So today, it is one of those days in which I can’t focus for my life. I have an article and a letter to write, a scaffold to make, an equation to solve and two reports to practice.

Still I can’t find the motivation to do either. The light’s on, good weather and book’s ready but none of that get me in the mood to work.

The result? Procrastination….again

I always get myself engaged in something that is in no way beneficial to me. I think I can’t handle my negativity in my mind. “The bad is out weighing the good.”

I am unhappy.

I thought it would be great sharing the positive things in my existence but that never really happened.

I’m having trouble convincing myself to be positive, to stand up, and to cheer up.

I’m a mess, really.

Goddamn life….