Looked at her smile, but every single time he photographed her soul.

Everyday she grumbled and groaned as she woke up from her deep slumber. Disturbed by the sound of the shutter, every morning same routine. “Stop it! I look disgusting” she yelled to which he responded under his breath “Beautiful”. He would spend hours in his lab processing pictures and the rest of them photographing her.

Together for almost 6 years, still everyday was a new adventure. Every day before heading to work she stood in front of the mirror staring down at herself and scrutinizing every inch of her body. Finding imperfections and faults she could never change. But he was always there standing behind her, looking through his lens. Where she was the most flawless creation he had been fortunate enough to call his own. She would shy away from the camera every time he pointed it her way, but even he knew the best shots were when she wasn’t looking.

He would come home after a long day of shooting lean gorgeous fully made up women, but she was his favorite model. After a hard day at work, sitting together in the tub was always their moment of solace. She would nuzzle her shoulders towards him for a back rub; he would smirk and pull out his camera. Something about the way the tendrils of her hair fell against her naked back made the most perfect frame. A pool of water so close to his camera didn’t bother him; he was the kind that would go to any lengths for the right shot. Getting out of a hot bath she lay on the bed drained and exhausted, feeling like a complete and total waste of existence. But not through his eyes, he saw a masterpiece. Seconds later, the sound of the shutter was back from shooting her droopy eyes right down to the smalls of her back. It was only when she closed her eyes and finally fell asleep he put the camera down.

He slipped her robe over her back and tucked her tight into bed. Stared at her face in awe and gave her a little kiss on the forehead. He could sit there for hours just watching her sleep, while thanking his stars for how blessed he was to have her.

Taking a deep sigh he then picked up his camera and walked into his lab where he began the process of bringing true beauty to life.