And this is just for his travel expenses and security expenses for three weekends in Florida.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

How about those Obama’s who lived large on the taxpayer’s dime too. Golfing and kissing the ring of a Saudi king and doing the apology tour. Michelle taking her mother, daughters, and staff plus security as well on vacations under the guise of doing the business of the U.S. So when you point a finger at Trump just look at how much money the Obama’s spent in his eight years of doing nothing to protect our citizens and supporting our allies and getting companies to stay in our country creating jobs. Your liberal lying has just cost you the election and now you still haven’t learned that the people who don’t want your political correctness don’t agree with your violent behavior because you lost the election. Obama was never my president either yet we Deplorables had the class to still support the office of the presidency. That is more than what you and your sick communist/socialist party demonstrates. The writer of this article is writing more fake news as Trump is looking out for you since Obama could have cared less if you are safe and their is no violence from criminals or terrorists. Greatfullness and humble is not a part of the liberal left’s vocabulary or behavior.

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