1781 Map Drawn by the British at the Seige of Yorktown

The British also retained records of the American Revolutionary War, such as names of American prisoners taken and remunerations requested by Loyalists of seized American estates. Using records found at the UK Archives will help to trace the loyalist escapees. After the war, loyalists in the northern colonies quickly escaped into Nova Scotia while those near Charleston and Savannah went to the West Indies. Because it was popular to ship sugar from Barbados and other West Indies locations, the lucrative crop was shipped into the colonies and Great Britain and some of the more prominent loyalists owned their own sugar plantations. That is how people of Scottish descent already had a settlement in (Scots Town) Barbadoes before the war and after the loyalist found themselves listed as traitors, a good reason to remove to their sugar plantations. http://www.virginiapioneers.net/counties/countyyork.html